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Essay Instructions: Students should prepare a general introduction to the topic and consider the following suggested topics for discussion:

What formal and spatial qualities characterise postmodern architecture? What is the relationship of postmodern architecture and classicism? How does this relate to the socio-political context within which postmodern architecture developed?

Discussion should be based on some of these extracts:

Charles Jencks ‘Post-Modern Space’, & ‘Conclusion – Radical Eclecticism?’ in The Language of Post-Modern Architecture, revised ed. London, 1977, pp118-126 & 127-132

Hal Foster ‘(Post)Modern Polemics’, Perspecta no 21, 1984, pp

Mary McLeod ‘Architecture and Politics in the Reagan Era: From Postmodernism to Deconstructivism’, Assemblage 8, 1989, pp

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Essay Instructions: Address the topic by comparing and contrasting the works of two key architects from the
founding period of Modern Architecture. These are:

William Morris & Philip Webb's RED HOUSE and Frank Lloyd Wright's ROBIE HOUSE

Outline: a) Analysis, b) Thesis, c) Development of Thesis, and d) Summary.

Quotes are to be numbered and footnoted at the end of the paper.

List books and papers directly referenced for preparation of the assignment, with names of their authors.

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Title: art history architecture

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Essay Instructions: part 1 formal analysis:2 pages
part 2 thesis statment for this idea and research plan-1 page building would like to discuss: le corbusier's villa savoye at poissy built in 1923 (pls do not plagerize-as she will know)

the work should have been designed from 1750-1960, you should also be able to make an argument that the object falls under some definition of modern. (modern architecture)

length of formal anlysis 2 pages-the goal of formal analysis assignment is to get you to familiarize yourself with your object and to begin to define the questions you have about it. A formal analysis deals with the information you can gain by just looking at an object through photographs, plans, sections. what separates a formal analysis from a description is that it deals with relationships you must discuss how the work is organized.

the goal of this paper is to get you to make a case for a specific interpretation of your object. an interpretation answers the questions why? there are a variety of types of art historical interpretation however they almost always function by comparing the object to something else. facts be they visual, historical, biographical etc serve to prove your interpretatoin however they don't constitute an interpretation of their own.

Part 2: 1 page: this is when you will define your interpretation and how you will go about proving it. your write up should include the following: either a thesis statement or a question you will be answering a brief descripiton of how you plan to go about proving your thesis or answering your question and a specific

(to follow will be a 10 page research paper...this part I will do based on your part 1 and 2...unless of course the 1st parts are great then I will do the rest through this service as well..but that part is do much later. thankyou! pls hurry! you can talk about the different views of the house, how the 1st fl. is dedicated to servants etc.

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Essay Instructions: Write a short, well-organized essay in which you compare the work of Le Courbusier, Louis Kahn, and Frank Loyd Wright. Select two buildings by each designer for detailed analysis. What does each designer have in common with the others? How does each differ in developing the canon of modern architecture?
Essay should comprise about two to three pages of double-spaced, error free grammar; spelling and punctuation.

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