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Title: Powell Vs State of Florida

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2609 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: write a memo of law arguing why the US Supreme Courts decision opion in Florida v Powell should be sustained or overrulled. You are given the side of Powell. Write as if it is going to a Judge. Must have paper citations and proper grammar. You want to be persuasive as you can to win for your client Powell. A good memo can win a close case.
please address the following issues/questions in your memo:
1. does the US constitution require police to give a suspect to Miranda warnings before an interrogation? Is so, cite the specific provision in the Constitution. If not, does the 5th amendment pose any problems?
2. Make sure you address the Supreme Courts holding in Miranda v arizona and whether or not the deision is proper under the law
3. please address the Fl Supreme Courts decision before this case made it to the US Supreme Court and tell me if the Florida SUpreme Ct was right or wrong and why
4 if you contend that some type of warning is required under the Constitution tell me what info should be conveyed and why and where in the Constitution there is support for you position. If you contend no warning is required explain why not and how thats reconciled with the 5th Amendment
5. make sure you explain why or why you dont contend the US Supreme CT got it right andd why i as the judge should sustain or overrule their decision

questions(s) presented
rule of law
application of the facts to the law
and conclusion

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