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Title: the turn to empire imperial liberalism and its critics

Total Pages: 2 Words: 470 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Mill, on liberty, chapters 1-2

1. To whom does Mill's principle of liberty apply? To whom does it NOT apply? Mill justifies the liberty principle according to "the permanent interests of man as a progressive being" (On Liberty, p. 4). What are the strengths and weaknesses of this argument?

2. Mill's liberty principle promises an extraordinary degree of freedom to individuals. Give some examples.

3. Mill distinguishes between "self-regarding" and "other-regarding" acts. How plausible is this distinction? According to one possible interpretation, there are no purely self-regarding acts, because everything we do affects others in some way. But it Mill was concerned with actions affecting the interests of other individuals. Recall Mill's defense of the liberty principle, where he alludes to "the permanent interests of man as a progressive being." Interests are not merely wishes or desires, which are ephemeral, and more or less subjective. So what are they, according to Mill?
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Title: Mills Arguements

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Essay Instructions: You will be assessed on a) your ability to precisely and accurately restate claims in the text and explain the reasoning behind them (this is different from simply summarizing the text), b) your understanding of the question and the paper?s focus on answering the question, c) the clarity with which you present your own argument, and d) the depth of your analysis. Bonus points will go to papers that demonstrate originality of thought, though this is not a substitute for offering a textually based and reasoned argument for your position.
2006 or later edition of Wolff?s Introduction to Political Philosophy

Note that no papers that do not have clear theses will receive grades of A or B! Look at the links listed on the syllabus for help figuring out what a philosophy thesis should look like. Note also that papers that are mostly in the words of authors we have read will not receive grades of A or B.

You may use no texts besides the texts we read in class (consulting the internet is plagiarism on this assignment!), and you may use no quotations of longer than 1 line. You do not need a Works Cited page.

Mill argues that the state should not coerce people into living in accordance with a particular conception of the good. Argue that two of Mill?s arguments for this position are a) based on either a belief in the instrumental value of freedom or b) based on a belief in the intrinsic value of freedom. You must clearly explain both of the arguments from Mill you discuss and how they are instrumental or intrinsic in order to answer this question effectively.

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Essay Instructions: This is a Philosophy Paper. It is a paper based on " Torture to Extract Information from a Terrorist" . It needs to the consider the viewpoint of Utilirianism and Kantianism perspectives. Each philosophers would have approached this subject in a different way since it is a controversies from different perspectives.

Kantianism comes from Immanuel Kant. As far a Utilirianism , I want the viewpoint to come from John Staurt Mill.

What would a utilitarian moral philosopher in the traditon of John Mill regard as the morally relevant factors to consider in this situation and what moral arguments would he or she give in support of or in opposition to the practice? How would a Kantian moral philosopher answer these questions? Be sure to define key terms before beginning the comparative moral analysis.

The article uploaded by Alan Dershowits is found in the Book " The Ethical Life by Russ Shafer Landau , second edition 2012 and should be included in the paper. It is to be double spaced using MLA format.

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Essay Instructions: "Bolavens"

This is my Final paper please help. .

I have attached all the briefs for review.
The Final outline sturcture. see below(should be with the summary you are writting for me as well but just use the final area
Please use International Business terms.

Just to refresh Again the company is General Mills and we are preparing executives. Executives for Greece and France.
BU 240 ? International Business -- Final Paper Assignment

1. Format: APA style, 1? margins, double-spaced, 12 Point font, Times New Roman font style; No first person references
2. Cover page: Paper Title, Student Name, Course Name + Section Number + Semester and Year, Instructor Name, Submission Date
3. Introduction: Topic or purpose of paper, company overview, including timeline and entry strategy into new country two countries studied
4. Background Information: provide a comparative summary on the two countries studied, noting similarities and/or differences
5. Cultural Differences and Dimensions: Discuss specific cultural differences between the two countries, include a comparative assessment of the Hofstede Cultural Dimensions measure
6. Political Economy: Discuss the political and economic development issues related to each country
7. Global Trade and Currency Exchange: Discuss the type of trade zone, trade policies, sanctions, if applicable; Also identify the exchange rates associated with the countries
8. Business Strategy and Operations: Discuss the cost pressures and pressures for local responsiveness, and the basic strategy used by the company; Also discuss associated impacts for conducting marketing, human resource development, accounting and finance, also, if applicable include issues related to global production, outsourcing, and logistics between the two countries
9. Business Protocol and Tips
a. Business Practices, etiquette, entertaining, and negotiation Protocols and Tips
b. Optional: Current news, information, interesting statistics, tips, charts, graphs, maps, photos)
10. Summary or conclusion of paper; Include a summary to conclude the paper
11. References, at least 4 sources including textbooks (Note: Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source)
12. Turnitin - Class name: BU240.02 Mon Intl Business; ID: 5984810).

Reminder: The content from your Executive Briefs is to be used to compile your final paper
Section Description Individual Summary Brief
Cover Page Paper identification information (e.g., paper title, student name, etc.) 1 page w/name 1 page w/team name + individual names (bullet points)
Introduction Intro. Topic, company overview of two countries studied, timeline and entry strategy ? to 1+ pages ? page
Background Information Comparison of countries between home & host countries, impact on business 1 to 2 pages ? page
Cultural Differences and Dimensions Comparison between home & host countries, impact on business, include Hofstede Dimensions 1 to 2 pages ? to 2 pages
Political Economy Comparison between home & host countries, impact on business 1 to 2 pages ? to 2 pages
Global Trade and Currency Exchange Discuss the type of trade zone, trade policies, sanctions, if applicable; Also identify the exchange rates associated with the countries
1 to 2 pages ? to 2 pages
Business Strategy and Operations Business strategy and operations for business areas, i.e., marketing, human resources, accounting 1 to 2 pages ? to 2 pages
Business Protocol and Tips Ways to prepare to do business between home & host countries; relevant information 1 to 2 pages ? to 2 pages
Summary Provide conclusion to wrap up paper ? to 1 page ? to 1 page
References Page Provide APA formatted Reference list Min. of 4 sources, including texts Min. of 5 sources, including texts
Total Count Excludes Cover page, References Approx.. 8 to 10 Approx. 3 to 5

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