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Title: globalization

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Essay Instructions: Migration is grounded in process of globalization. According to Steger, what are the main traits or characteristics and dimensions of globalization? What is globalization meant to regulate and how is unequal regulation reflected in the ranking of these movements? Why does Castles and Miller argue that the migration of people the least regulated movement?
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Title: Human Ecology and Evolution

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Essay Instructions: Migration/Site Analysis:

-- Apply the scientific method to paleontological data from excavation sites to characterize the impact of humans on biodiversity and ecosystems
-- Critically evaluate findings from paleontological, linguistic, and genetic studies to describe changes in the geographical distribution of gene expression, innovation (tool use), culture (art, architecture), and language across and within human societies

In this assignment, you will select an archaeological excavation site for human remains from the list below,

Altamira Caves, Spain
Gravettian Culture
Apollo 11 Cave, Namibia
Lascaux Cave, France
Arnhem Land, Northern Territory
Meadowcroft Rock Shelter, Pennsylvania
Banpo, China
Monte Verde, Chile
Bobongara, New Guinea
Olsen-Chubbock, Colorado
Bradshaw Paintings, Western Australia
Pamir Knot
Catal Huyuk Anatolia (Turkey)
(Peking Man) Zhoukhoudian, China
Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave, France
Qafzeh Cave
Clovis, New Mexico
Shanidar Cave, Iraq
Cro-Magnon and Dordogne Valley (France)
Another site of interest to you
Dolni Vestonice, Czech Republic
El Castillo Cave, Spain
Eurasian and Iranian steppes
Fertile Crescent
Franchthi Cave, Greece

Write one (1) page long outline of your research paper, with at least five annotated references from the primary, scientific, research literature

*** In this assignment, you will address the following topics associated with the excavation site that you selected:

1. Facts and findings (species of hominid and basic findings)
2. Advances, innovations, or unique findings for this site (expand discussion of findings)
3. Interpretations of findings
a. Age of occupation
b. Culture and society
c. Migration path (who are the people, and where did they originate before reaching this place?)
d. Impact of humans on local biodiversity and ecosystem
4. Significance of this site in the overall view of human evolution, migration, and impact
5. Controversies or related, unanswered questions about this site
6. References should be in full APA format and should be properly cited in APA format in the text body. Note: You should use primary and secondary research articles, textbooks, scholarly magazines, and reputable websites as reference sources for your paper.
7. Engaging graphics or diagrams must be incorporated to show the geographic location as well as interesting findings, such as innovations like new tools or devices. Each graphic (image) or diagram should be numbered and should contain sufficient labeling to be meaningful to the reader. Each figure should be accompanied by rich, detailed descriptions in the text body.

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Essay Instructions: Evaluate the claim that migration is positively valued in the UK-essay

Sources:Chapter 4 main source of information and some useful material in Chapter 5 from Exploring Social Lives,Milton Keynes, Tne Open University.

Illustrate and support arguments.

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Title: CON Approach Migration is a better preservation approach than emulation

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Essay Instructions: Position Paper

As your readings have demonstrated, there are many “hot topics” in the field of digital preservation. The intent of this assignment is to allow you to explore an area of interest
In greater depth by taking a position (pro or con) in response to a contemporary digital
Preservation issue. You do not have to personally agree with the side you take on the issue, but you are expected to provide supporting evidence for whichever angle you
choose, either affirmative or negative.

??To deepen your awareness of major topics in digital preservation
??To allow you to explore a preservation area of interest in greater depth
??To strengthen your ability to make and support an argument for or against a position

1. Prepare by reading the following example, which focuses on IRs, NOT digital

Tibbo, H.R., Clemens, R., & Hank, C. (Guest Eds.). (2009). Institutional Repositories:
The Great Debate. The Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science
And Technology, 35(4).

NOTE:Although the topics discussed in these “Great Debate” examples
Sound similar to those with which you are provided below, remember
The “Great Debate” is about IRs, not about digital preservation. Do not
Rely upon these arguments or try to repeat them in your own work??"remember, this is an example, not a template!

2. Choose one of the following topics and determine if you will take a PRO or CON
??Storage is cheap, so we should keep everything rather than expending resources
on selection.
***Migration is a better preservation approach than emulation.
??Digital preservation is all hype; where’s the fire?

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