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Title: Middle Eastern Civilization

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Essay Instructions: Middle East Civilization I (HIS 251-01N)

Cities- Did the majority of Middle Easterners live in cities during the Umayyad, Abbasid, and early Middle Periods? What was unique about Islamic cities, and what were their residential patterns? What web of interests linked the governing elite with their citizens? Who acted as intermediaries between the rulers and the people? (Two paragraphs)

Mosques and Other Architecture - What key characteristics are common to all mosques? What was Islam’s first mosque, and what are some of the most important ones built during the Classical Period? What type of edifice is the Dome of the Rock? Who built it and why? What and where is the Alhambra? Besides mosques, what else did Muslims build? What building materials did the Ghaznavids and Seljuks use?
(Two paragraphs)

Islamic Art - What are the decorative arts and why did (do) Muslims excel in them (Iconoclast)? What is calligraphy and how did (do) Islamic artists use it? What types of art did artists use to decorate manuscripts and books? (One paragraph)

Recreation - What were the two most accessible types of
recreation for all Muslims during the Classical and Middle Periods? What were some of the musical instruments used by Muslim performers? What types of board games did Muslims play, and which two came from India? What role did public baths play in the society? Whatwere the favorite outdoor sports for Muslims, and which ones had to do with birds? What is the sport of kings? When was the earliest known Muslim cookbook written? What did poor people eat? (Two paragraphs)

Agriculture - What was (is) the most important resource for successful agriculture in the Middle East? What was (is) the importance of dates? Which countries played critical roles in transferring South Asian agricultural knowledge to the Middle East? What is pollination and how did the Muslim Arabs use it? How did agricultural knowledge pass to Christian Europe? (One paragraph)

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Title: Verderys central observations about nationalism as a historical and cultural phenomenon

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Essay Instructions: middle east history.

Our readings this week revolve around the late Ottoman Empire and the process by which the idea of the nation ??" and the early stirrings of territorial nationalism ??" operated in such a way as to sort people into certain groups as against others, often depriving those people of the multiple allegiances they had in practice (e.g., as Ottoman and Jewish, as Lebanese and Arab and Muslim).

Purveyors of the national idea (intellectuals, diplomats, and others) also worked to make the process of sorting, or social classification, seem not only legitimate but natural: to make the categories they were creating seem pre-determined, rather than the outcome of historical struggle and debate. As Katherine Verdery reminds us, nationalist groups who have tried to render their particular definition of the nation and its history hegemonic ??" that is, accepted by all members of “the nation” as inherently and obviously true ??" have always had to contend with alternative, and often sharply competing, definitions.

Draw on one or two Verdery’s central observations about nationalism as a historical and cultural phenomenon to explore the following case study:

Competing nationalisms among Jews in Ottoman Palestine after 1908. you should focus primarily on the Campos article.

Questions you might address include but are not limited to the following:

How and why were national identities socially, culturally, and politically constructed and contested in these cases at these times? To what ends? What was at stake? How was the nation symbolized differently at different points? How did the discourse and practice of nation-building, or state-building, serve simultaneously to homogenize and differentiate the people in question?

Make sure to provide concrete evidence (when, where, who, why, how) and to cite actual texts and page numbers, where relevant. You may use the parenthetical citation format (Verdery, 25).

Note: You must cite the specific points from Verdery that you are drawing upon before moving on to examine your historical case(s) in detail.
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Title: 3 Essay Questions

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Essay Instructions: Each question is to be answered separately in Essay format in this order but under the question it pertains to.



Please feel free to go over the required page limit but avoid going under 3 pages per question if possible.

1. Has the presence of oil in the Middle East had a significant impact on the peoples of non-oil-producing states in the region? If so, in what ways, exactly? Develop an argument with specific reference to AT LEAST TWO non-oil-producing states.

2. What lessons could the rulers of contemporary Middle Eastern states learn from the history of the Ottoman Empire? Please make specific reference to AT LEAST TWO strategies of rule that prevailed under the Ottomans, and describe how they might be applied in a contemporary context.

3. What obstacles have historians faced in researching women's history in the Middle East? Are these obstacles specific to the Middle Eastern context, or are they applicable to a range of cultural contexts? Develop an argument with reference to AT LEAST TWO specific obstacles.

The 3 separated papers combined must be AT LEAST 9 pages. Avoid referencing or quotations at all costs. Again, please answer each question separately, but presented in the same file is fine.
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Title: World Cultures Middle East

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Essay Instructions: If you were to teach an undergraduate class called “world Cultures: Middle East” at a college in the US what historical, political, social, and theoretical issues or topics would you emphasize the most? Drawings on reading assignments, and your own research, briefly outline the issues you chose. You could imagine this assignment as a template for a syllabus with some annotated information as to why you would assign specific readings or other materials to your students. An ideal assignment would start with a description of the class and the main goals in one page and then the rest would provide the main body of the class material to be covered in on semester.

For this assignment I would like you to pick topics off of the original syllabus which I will attach. The primary additions to the original class syllabus (in my opinion) should be Middle Eastern economics, the physiology behind terrorism (specifically focusing on cultural influences) and the country Jordan. Other topics to consider are Middle Eastern Food, Middle Easter Customs and Courtesies, and the global effects of a nuclear Iran.

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