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Title: Metaphors and Communication

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Essay Instructions: Metaphor Paper - Kirby and Goodpaster (1999) write, ?Metaphors are the way we think about ourselves and the world? (p. 82). Prepare a 2-3 page paper taking any one aspect of your life - someone you know, something you do, someplace you?ve been, or anything else - and describing it using as many metaphors as you can create. Your paper should include a discussion of the way metaphors add to understanding and communication.

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Title: Critical Thinking and Language Written Assignment

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Essay Instructions: Format: Typewritten paper in MLA style with an introduction, theoretical statement about metaphors with sources, a description of the life aspect chosen, and a conclusion including summary with new ideas, at least one page long.

Content: Take any aspect of your life-someone you know, something you do, someplace you have been, or anything else-and describe it using as many metaphors as you can create (five minimum). Remember that a metaphor is a figure of speech that entails a "implied comparison between two things" and , for the purposes of the class, include both similies and analogies.

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Title: Metaphor and Meaning

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Essay Instructions: 1. Complete the readings listed below in Materials.
2. Please reflect on your experience in earning a doctorate, your way of being as a recent learner, your development as a practice scholar, and/or the effect of this education on your practice, etc.
3. Next, compose an essay [ought to be ~350 - 500 words] expressing your reflection as a metaphor, a comparison, a way of seeing something in terms of something else. Your metaphor may be an object, a type of restaurant or car, an animal, an event, a process, a product, etc.
4. At the end of the essay, please state the metaphor and explain your perception. For example, describe how this experience has been like building a skyscraper or how you are like a sponge ??" sometimes saturated and other times wrung out. Please see document attached to this Excerpts from Writings on Metaphors PDF, for additional information on how metaphors can serve as a way of constructing meaning.
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Title: Any topic within the anthropological linguistics examples in addtional specification

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Essay Instructions: FINAL ESSAY TOPICS:

(1) Study of any aspect of the relation between language structure and society
(2) Study of any aspect of slang and its relation to society
(3) Study of any aspect of metaphor and its relation to cognition or culture
(4) Study of any aspect of linguistic relativity
(5) A cross-cultural comparison of any of the above
(6) Study of any aspect of the relation of language to culture
(7) Analysis of any aspect of Internet language
(8) Any other topic

I hope the writer will come from an anthropological linguistics background since that will make our life so much easier. (Those technical terms..etc)

The essay was asked to be cited in AAA style. Four minimum scholar sources are required, and the TAs kept on emphasis the importance to critical analysis the source and put "myself" in the paper.

The course is divide into three parts,
i) Studying of the language : mainly the levels of analysis: phonological, morphological, syntactic, and semantic levels

ii) Language and society: language and social phenomena, situational focusing, variation (slang, jargon, Borrowing)

iii) Language, mind and culture: Classification of language, sound symbolism, metaphor, pop language

--> Keep some of these aspects in the paper will be greatly appreciated! ( these are just some of the things in the textbook, anything in the second year anthropological linguistics are welcome I believe)
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