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Title: Memory

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Essay Instructions: Memory
I'd like you to provide your best memory tips; ones you've found effective for you. Once you've described your advice, try to tie it to the memory chapter 6 (Memory). Your examples can relate to studying for exams, tricks for remembering new names, or any other memory related situations. I look forward to seeing your creative suggestions!

Time New Romans, 12 pt, Double space Its ok 2-3 lines less than 1 page.

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Essay Instructions: Memory and Amnesia
Search the latest literature and identify a particular area of research on memory or amnesia that interests you. Your paper should be supported by primary research studies on the topic you choose. Examples of appropriate topics are research on LTP or infantile amnesia. This assignment should contain a minimum of three references. This assignment should be 3-5 pages, not including the title page, abstract and reference section.Readings
1. Textbook:
Pinel, J.P.J. (2011). Biopsychology (8th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc. ISBN: 978-0-205-83256-9.
Chapter 9: Development of the Nervous System
Chapter 10: Brain Damage and Neuroplasticity
Chapter 11: Learning, Memory, Amnesia

2. Article:
Garlan, E.L. and Howard , E.O. (2009). Neuroplasticity, psychosocial genomics, and the biopsychosocial paradigm in the 21st century. Health & Social Work, 34(3),
191-199. (ProQuest ID 1)

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Essay Instructions: -Memory can be influenced by a external factors, i.e., situation. You've probably read about the controversial testimony of people who claimed they were abused as children. But false memories affect many aspects of our lives, in the workplace, family and justice system.

-As an organizational consultant. You have been invited to visit a company to understand why they are having problems with growth and employee turnover. As part of your job, you interview senior managers. To your surprise, you get contradictory stories. It?s obvious that managers have totally different recollections of events in this company.

-Based on the reference readings, answer these two questions for me.

What might account for these differences?
One of your colleagues says, ?I think there?s a cover-up.
Write me an alternative explanation based on the workings of memory

Refer to the reference articles.

Explain how can a person ask questions to minimize false memories?

State is there any other ways to set up the interviews a certain way , or word questions
differently, or?. Tell what do you think?
Answer these questions for me in a 3 page essay. Double space or double-space between paragraphs. Do not quote definitions or include a long reference section.

-All about forensic psychology (n.d.). Eyewitness memory. Retrieved on 1 Nov 2010 from

-Daily Telegraph (2008). The perils of relying on memory in court. Retrieved on 1 Nov 2010 from

-Schultz, S. (2001). Study advances memory theory. Princeton Weekly Bulletin, 90 (23). Retrieved on 1 Nov 2010 from

-Wikipedia (2010). Eyewitness memory. Retrieved on 1 Nov 2010 from

-Exploratorium (1999). Memory (Various online features, exhibits, articles, and lectures.) Retrieved on 1 Nov 2010 from

-Annenberg Media (2009). Discovering psychology (Index page for video course). Retrieved on 1 Nov 2010 from

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Title: Memory

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Essay Instructions: It's supposed to be a narrative story about memory. The paper should consist of an introduction which must include:

*history- important people,milestones and events that led to the development of memory model
*cognitive map (mouse)
*development of computer
*the most popular model
*what has been developed since the original model
*inferential model
*experimental findings
*names of stages

First body paragraph- sensory memory
*general description of the stage
*details and specifics
*Iconic & Visual

Second body paragraph- working memory
*general description of the stage
*details and specifics
*the latest version of short term memory
*exchanging information with long term memory

Third body paragraph- Long Term Memory
*general description of the stage
*details and specifics
*holistic and connectionist view
*Chinese room, Chinese gym
*Controversy of black box
*Skimmer model (mental structure)
*Neural connectionist model (Biological structure)

Please, if you think the paper should include something more than I wrote, just go ahead and add it up. Basically, it must be a descriptive paper about human memory.

You can use our textbook: Cognitive Psychology Third Edition by E.Bruce Goldstein.
Three sources are not mandatory.

Thank you.

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