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Title: drugs and health

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Essay Instructions: Contents that I want to be included in the research material for admission to pharmacy school.

I had foreseen my career path in Pharmacy at an early age. My recurrent illnesses during childhood, ranging from simple colds to
acute bronchitis, laid the groundwork for this desire. In these miserable
conditions, I started questioning the causes of my illnesses and how medicine and drugs can alleviate my pain. Intrigued by the
pathology and physiology of the human body, I purchased Dr. Vogel?s book, The
Little Doctor, which taught me how medicine and drugs can do wonders. I could not stop picturing myself as an enthusiastic
pharmacist helping my patients by making and prescribing medicine to them.
In order to pursue a well-rounded education and gain more
life-experiences, I moved to the United States.
Upon my arrival in here, I was beset with a myriad of difficulties in adjusting to my new society. Even more discouraging, I noticed that the road to independence was onerous and filled with impediments. Initially despairing, I began to isolate in order to avoid conflicts. However, during this brief period of isolation, I caught myself questing the significance of my personal goals and recognized that difficulties are an inevitable part of life and growth. In facing my academic and social challenges, I grew from an ignorant and well-protected child into an independent, self-disciplined and responsible woman. Studying abroad not only gave me an opportunity to re-examine myself, but also enabled me to consider my career goals seriously.
With my diligence and hard work I was admitted to the University of California, Los Angeles, where I majored in biochemistry. At UCLA I participated in a valuable research project, which has trained me to become a skeptical and critical thinker. Since cultivating an early desire to become a pharmacist, I have worked diligently to achieve this goal. My persistence has enabled me to stay focused throughout my academic career and will surely stand me in good stead in my future career as a pharmacist. In addition,
my time in the United States has served to broaden my understanding of the
the pharmacy profession and refine the nature of my goal. My fascination with science
lured me to major in biochemistry at UCLA where I also worked on a research
project investigating the efficacy of hormonal treatment in prostate cancer
patients by working on a database of PSA level and medical histories. This
research project enabled me to recognize the importance of drugs in order to alleviate patient's health and well-being and further fomented my interest in the Pharmacy field.

Apart from my scholastic achievements and my clinical experiences, my culturally
diverse background provides me with additional competence for this
profession. This background enables me to relate to people of different
ethnicity and effectively communicate and interact with them. From traditional
Southeast Asia to historic Western Europe to fast-paced, modern United States, I
have lived among people of different ethnic backgrounds, learned their languages
and gained a better understanding of their cultural values and beliefs. I was
raised in a bicultural household rooted in both the Chinese and Vietnamese
traditions, but spent much of my youth in Germany and later spent time in Lyon,
France. In addition to my native Cantonese and Vietnamese, I have also learned
Latin, English and French. I look forward to relying on this cultural and
linguistic adaptability when interacting with patients and costumers from around the world.

I am passionately dedicated to my decision to be a pharmacist. Although I sensed
this desire many years ago, I have made this decision only after careful
deliberation and extensive research. Every step I have taken academically, as
well as practically, has been centered on the ultimate goal of confirming my
ambition to become a pharmacist with extensive scientific knowledge and, most
importantly, the passion to genuinely care for each of my patients.

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