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Essay Instructions: Medical Ethics Interview
Conduct a face to face interview with an experienced health care professional in a different field of healthcare than yourself regarding his/her ethical perspective and practice. You will also have the opportunity to apply your understanding of the principles and perspectives of Christian ethics in your analysis of the interview. Detailed instruction and grading requirements for the assignment is provided in Module Five. Given the short time for the course, the sooner you can begin scheduling these assignments the better.

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1.Conduct an in-person interview.
2.Write a summary of the visit and your personal reflections after the visit.
?The report shall be at least 1000 words in length.
?The most important part of the report shall be your analysis of the interview. The analysis shall include a review of aspects of the interviewee?s decisions and conduct from the perspective of Christian ethics.
?The professional code of ethics held by the interviewee?s healthcare profession shall be consulted. The text of the code shall either be included as an appendix to the paper or properly referenced for access.
?The submitted report shall include:
?At least 400 words must be devoted to the analysis at the conclusion of the report. Do not use this portion of the report to incorporate additional information from the interview.
?Use of APA standards which include double spacing and a typeface of 12-pt Times Roman or Courier.
?Resources for a Christian perspective include but are not restricted to the Bible. At least one scholarly source no older than five years shall be appropriately utilized to provide additional perspective.
?Include either verbatim or summary of the interviewee?s comments.
?The name and contact information of the person being interviewed.
?If time permits, the instructor may ask you to share your report to the class in such a way that protects the privacy of the person you interviewed.
Selecting your Interviewee:

?The health care professional to be interviewed shall have at least five years experience in his/her present field of practice. The interview shall be scheduled in advance at a time and place where privacy is possible. The person to be interviewed may want to have the questions provided in advance to allow for a more developed response.
?For the purpose of this assignment, an interview made ?in person? shall not include electronic assistance, whether by telephone, text messaging, Skype, email, etc.
?The atmosphere of the interview should be cordial. You are not expected to dispute with the interviewee over his/her views and practices.
Preparing for the Interview:

Questions to ask during the interview shall include each of the following:

(1) The interviewee?s professional experience or employment history;
(2) Basic ethical values and practices that are particularly important to the interviewee;
(3) Ethical challenges faced, whether routinely or occasionally;
(4) Specific examples of ethical dilemmas faced and their resolution as well as the interviewee?s later reflections;
(5) The role of professional colleagues in arriving at the resolution of ethical challenges; and
(6) Whether, with the benefit of experience, there are ethical situations or dilemmas he/she would handle differently today. In addition you will need to ask other questions in response to the interviewee?s comments that are appropriate to the purpose of the interview.

It is wise to prepare a verbatim or summary of the relevant conversations as soon as possible after the visit. If you wish to record the interview you must secure the prior permission of the person interviewed and give them the only copy of the recording when your report is completed.

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This is more of an assignment to find out the role of pharmacists in decision making about medical ethics as stated in the topic.

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It is just a pass/fail course so it doesnt have to be anything fancy.
1500 words is the minimum requirement

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2. Rigt now, society, and especially the media, seems to exalt young bodies, sexy appearance, athleticism and wealth. As most people cannot measure up to these ideals, how do professionals in the schoold or service agencies present a set of values which can form the foundation of a HEALTHY society?

5. What are two important lessons that medical research should take from the Tuskegee experiments?

6. How does the study of medical ethics give society guidelines and directions for the care of the mentally ill?

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