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Title: Michael Foucault's Birth of a Clinic

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Essay Instructions: Using Michel Foucault?s Birth of the Clinic, prepare a term paper describing the social construction of health information and/or its impact on the provision of health information services. Use Birth of the Clinic to provide a framework for your paper. You will need to conduct literature searches to support your paper and cite relevant published literature as necessary. You may choose to examine influences exerted on health information resources and services from formal and/or informal means such as those generated by the medical and health care establishment.

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Essay Instructions: You have been lucky enough to land an opportunity to be involved with putting together the Olympic bid for the Summer Olympic Games in 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts. The required components for Boston's Olympic bid must include;
- Legal Aspects
- Environmental Protection
- Security
- Medical and Health Services
- Transportation
- Media
Explain as thoroughly as possible what information would go into the sections. What procedures might you implement to ensure that all procedures and actions detailed in the bid document meet the highest legal and ethical standards?

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Title: Epidemiology Teens and Chlamydia

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Essay Instructions: 1/Definition and description of epidemiology of Teens & Chlamydia
2/Steps and methods of epidemiology (related to Teens & Chlamydia)
a/Review routine data (demographic, census, birth, death and surveillance records)
b/Review research data (medical and health records)
c/Review epidemiological data (surveys specific to Teens & Chlamydia)
3/Epidemiological Triangle related to Teens & Chlamydia
4/Explained the type of epidemiology used (for Teens & Chlamydia) (either descriptive or analytical)
5/Describe the relationship of the disease to various levels of prevention
Please, use subtitle for each section. Thank you

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Title: Lifespan It's very interesting to discuss an

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Essay Instructions: I need an 8-10 pg paper (dbl spaced) on someone's lifespan for my psych class.
This person must be 65+ and must be alive. (I dont care if the story is made up either but it has to be good) Cannot be a celeb or athlete. Has to be a regular person or someone you would know like a parent, grandparent, relative, etc. The essay can go from childhood to old age, or by topic.

things it should cover:
family background
circumstances of birth
medical and health history throughout life
living arrangement (parents, room-mates, spouse)
educational history and achievements
career history
social history (shy, out going, friendly, etc)
martial history
financial situation
spiritual background, religious affiliations, etc
emotional health
unusual life crisis, challenges
regrets? pleasures or accomplishments?

now the tricky part....
PSYCOLOGY themes and theories need to be incorporated into the essay somehow. (erickson, etc)

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