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Title: manual therapy

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Essay Instructions: Mechanical energy, especially manual therapy, is used by certified athletic trainers to facilitate achievement of treatment goals. Manual therapies take time and practice to master. Proper techniques can alleviate pain and restore mobility in joints and soft tissues. Write a 5-7 page paper discussing the potential benefits of using manual therapy techniques in rehabilitation.

You will need to use a minimum of 5 resources in the bibliography of your paper. Check other books, newspapers, sports magazines, and especially the website.

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Title: Sustainable Engineering Practice

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Essay Instructions: Individual Report on the Role of Engineers (mechanical engineering)
Individual Work (Total Weighting 15%)
The aim of this assessment task is to gain an understating of the role of a professional engineer and the value of engineering ethics, as well as to further develop communication skills.
(Graduate Quality 1, 2, 6).
In no more than 1000 words you are asked to write an individual Report on the role of engineers in a particular industry or sector of the profession (you may choose any area that interests you e.g. the water industry, defence industry, manufacturing industry, environmental remediation etc.). You should give examples of the type of work they undertake and the key attributes and skills that they need to practice their profession in a particular industry. In addition you should discuss the ethical issues that may arise for engineers in that industry and consider how they might deal with these in practice.
To write the report you will need to refer to a range of sources such as the Engineers Australia Code of Ethics 2000, journal articles, the text book, websites and reference books. Reading job ads for engineering positions will provide a good indication of the types of skills and key attributes required for particular industries. This would be a good first step in the writing of this report.
The aim of this report is to not only show understanding of the role the engineer but to also show that you are able to present information in the required format. The report should follow the format outlined in the “Report Writing Style Guide”, available via the online study guide. Failure to do so will require resubmission of your report. Resubmission will only be available for this task. Failure to comply with the style guide in future tasks will result in significant reduction of that task’s mark.
The Australian Code of Ethics 2000 may be obtained from:
The report should cite references from a range of sources including the following:
- Engineers Australia Code of Ethics 2000
- At least 4 reference books, journals and/or conference proceedings,
- no more than 3 websites

(Some journal, conference proceedings and reference books are available online ??" check with library)
References must be formatted using the Harvard referencing system. Only references directly cited in the report should be included in the Reference list at the end of the report. All other reference materials referred to should be included in the Bibliography.

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Title: Nutrition Health Science

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Essay Instructions: Please answer each question with 250 words, an inline citation. List references.

1. The Digestive System
When eating a ham and cheese sandwich.
-What steps take place with regard to digesting the sandwich?
-Distinguish between mechanical and chemical digestion.
-What role does HCL play with regard to protein digestion and bacteria?
-What are the roles of the small and large intestines?

2. Food Safety & Technology
-What does food safety and technology have to do with humans?
-Food spoilage. How and why does it occur?
-What are the four most important things when it comes to food safety?
-Define organic foods and the process involved with becoming a certified organic farm.

3. Carbohydrates
What role do carbohydrates play in the diet?

4.Nutrition & Physical Activity
What are the benefits of regular physical activity?

5. Lipids
What is the role of fat in the diet?

What role do proteins play in the body?

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Title: philosophy

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Essay Instructions: The paper needs to be divided into three parts. the first part should explain the most important contrastin features of the theory of substantial forms and the mechanical philosophy (about one page). the second part should describe what G.W. Leibniz thought were the deficiencies of each philosophy. the explanation of forms should include a discussion of forces. (second part should be about 2 pages). the third portion should briefly outline Leibniz"s own metaphysics and physics in relation to these two philosophies. in particular, this part should explain how leibniz''s own system allows him to have a foot in both camps while avoiding the difficulties with each(about 2 pages). Leibniz adhered to mech philosophy which defined itself in part by its rejection of substantial forms but he stated "it was necessary to recall and in manner to rehabiliate substantial forms..."

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