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Title: meaningful use for nurses

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1889 References: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: PURPOSES

Understand the implications for nurses, nursing, national health policy-making, patient outcomes, and population health associated with the collection and use of Meaningful Use core criteria.

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the following ability.
Examine the ethical/legal issues arising in Nursing Informatics practice while using, designing, managing, upgrading, and building information systems.


Provide an overview of the Meaningful Use program and an analysis of the implications for nurses, nursing, national health policy, patient outcomes, and population health associated with the collection and use of Meaningful Use core criteria. Recommend additional core criteria not presently identified for Meaningful Use collection in Stages 1 or 2 (lists of criteria may be found at that you feel would be beneficial for nurses, nursing, monitoring population health, setting national health policies, and/or improvements in patient outcomes or population health, providing your evidence for your recommendations. If you feel that no additional criteria are necessary, provide your evidence-based rationale for your argument. Conclude with insights gained from this assignment. A minimum of three outside scholarly resources are required?texts may be cited but are NOT included among the minimum of three outside scholarly resources.


1. A minimum of four sources.
2. All aspects of the paper must be in APA format as expressed in the 6th edition.
3. The paper (excluding the title page and reference page) is 5?7 pages in length.
4. Ideas and information from professional sources must be cited correctly.
5. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing.


Introduction _ Introduction establishes the purpose of the paper and names parts of the paper.

Overview of Meaningful Use _ Provides an overview of the Meaningful Use program.

Analysis _ Analyzes the implications of Meaningful Use core criteria.

Meaningful Use Recommendations _ Provides evidence-based recommendations for the collection of additional criteria OR for why no additional criteria are felt to be necessary.

Conclusion _ Concluding statements summarize the analysis and recommendations as well as the insights gained during the assignment.

APA Style _ Text, title page, and reference page(s) are completely consistent with APA format.

Citations _ Ideas and information from other sources are cited correctly.

Writing Mechanics _ Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are consistent with formal written work, and page restrictions are met.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Summary AHIMA's white paper series meaningful There 9 papers series Be specific points entire paper Information found Journal AHIMA website

Total Pages: 2 Words: 625 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Summary of AHIMA's white paper series on meaningful use. There are 9 papers in the series. Be specific regarding the points of the entire paper. Information can be found at Journal of AHIMA website.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Triple Constraints
The term ?triple constraints? refers to three universal restrictions that affect project management across virtually all fields, disciplines, and business sectors. These constraints are scope, time, and cost (or resources). In health care organizations, these constraints are especially relevant given the complex, interconnected nature of workflows; the urgent matter of improving care and outcomes; and the unfortunate realities of tight budgets and limited staffing. In addition, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and its meaningful use objectives have added even more requirements to projects undertaken in the health care field.
This Discussion focuses on project management in health care organizations. You explore how the requirements for meaningful use have complicated the implementation and conversion to a new informatics project. You also consider strategies for addressing and overcoming these challenges.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Why are many health care organizations hesitant to adopt electronic health records (EHR) when they have the potential to improve quality, increase access, and reduce costs? Some organizations are concerned with the ethical and legal issues that may arise in daily operations. In 2010, legislators noticed health care?s reluctant transition into full EHR integration, and began to provide financial incentives to those organizations that not only adopt EHRs, but also use them meaningfully to improve quality of patient care. As an advanced practice nurse, it is important to be aware of the challenges, policies, and incentives associated with integrating EHR systems. It is also critical that you understand the concept of ?meaningful use? and how it plays out in today?s health care organizations.
To prepare:
In this Application Assignment, you analyze meaningful use criteria to determine the authentic legal, financial, and ethical issues that may surround it.
Reflect on the information presented in the Learning Resources, focusing on meaningful use legislation and the ?Ethics in Nursing Informatics? section of your course text.
Investigate the legal, financial, and ethical issues surrounding meaningful use.
Ask yourself: What are the goals of meaningful use?
To complete:
Write a 4- to 5-page essay in which you:
Summarize the legal, financial, and ethical issues that may arise as a result of meaningful use legislation.
Explain how these issues might present barriers to successful implementation within an organization.
Discuss ways that health care organizations can make the most of their electronic health record investments in light of meaningful use.
Explain how EHR-related meaningful use legislation is being implemented in your organization.
The work must have an introduction and a conclusion. With regards to the EHR implemented in my organization at this moment it is on stage 2, and planning to initiate stage 3

Excerpt From Essay:

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