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Essay Instructions: Based on Max Weber's theory how does modernization manifest itself in U.S. society. Is modernization likely to continue in the U.S. Explain and support answer. Is modernization a world wide tren? What are the consequences of modernization? State why Max Weber's theory reflects your perception of modernization?

Use two sources below.
U.S. Census Bureau at
World Population Information at
Population Connection at
The World Factbook at
Bureau of Labor Statistics at
The World Bank at
National Center for Children in Poverty at

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Title: Max Weber

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Essay Instructions: A review of Max Weber's "Politics as a Vocation." Outlining the main ideas as to where they appear in the lecture.

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Title: How would you account for the emergence of capitalism in Early Modern Europe

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Essay Instructions: I will be emailing you the details as soon as this goes through. I would like to base my arguments of Max Webers protestant work ethic and use this as the only source. There ought to be at least 15 instances where the text is either directly quoted or refered to and these should be accompnied by page numbers. I belive that Weber presents the best argument and want to follow it all of it including the subtle arguments where he appreciates the materialistic nature of things as well. I want to ecplain why his is a complete view on the emergence of capitalism.
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Title: Max Weber Capitalism

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Essay Instructions: Read Chapter 1 of the uploaded version of Max Weber The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism and answer the following questions

1. What is the major theme of the reading?
2. What evidence is marshaled in support of this theme?
3. What are the logical implications of the theme for the concept "development".
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