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Title: Multivariate Statistics

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Essay Instructions: Written simply, nothing extravagant.
Use simple examples.
New TImes Font.
Use a minimum of 2 quotes from the source provided.

Page 1:

A researcher is interested in the effects of three methods of training??"the traditional model, the computer model, and the video model??"feeling that people who receive different kinds (levels) of training should show differences in the dependent variable, which is the level of math anxiety. The researcher’s null hypothesis is that there will be no differences in mean level of math anxiety for the three groups (assume there is a valid, interval-level measure of math anxiety). However, after thinking about it, the researcher wonders if the methods may also be effective with anxiety related to public speaking. The null hypothesis here is that there will be no differences in the mean level of anxiety related to public speaking for the three groups (assume there is a valid, interval-level measure of fear of public speaking. The researcher decides to do two separate one-way ANOVAs to analyze the research. However, a colleague reports that they have evidence that math anxiety and public speaking anxiety are positively correlated. In fact, there is about a .4 correlation between math anxiety and anxiety due to public speaking.
As an expert in statistics, the researcher comes to you for guidance. What advise do you offer? Defend your answers.

Page 2

Discuss the logic of the multiple analysis of variance (MANOVA). Why would a researcher use MANOVA instead of running several separate analyses of variance? Mention specific advantages and disadvantages in doing so.

Page 3

A researcher has found a significant F with their MANOVA. What is the general interpretation of the result? What might the next steps be in the analysis, given the significant F for the MANOVA?

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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Section 1: Review the study context below done by Funk, T. (2009) and examine the table 6 in pp. 51-52. And answer to the following questions of the descriptive statistics.

This study was an examination of academic anxieties, social expectation anxieties, and self-efficacy, and how they affect academic success among non-traditional college students (N = 240) at a large community college in Indiana. The table shows a descriptive statistics with the mean, minimum value, maximum value, range, standard deviation, and skewness of each of the variables used in the study. For the measurement information, refer the table 3 in pp. 40~43 as well as the Appendix B pp. 132~137 of the study.


Among the top five academic anxieties (Test Anxiety ~ Math Anxiety), on the average (mean) of Score, which anxiety variable achieved the lowest score? Explain.
Among the top five academic anxieties (Test Anxiety ~ Math Anxiety), on the skewness of Score, which anxiety variable achieved the highest negatively skewed score? Explain.
Which social expectation anxiety variable (Employ achievement ~ Personal Time) had lowest range in the Score? Explain.
Which social expectation anxiety variable (Employ achievement ~ Personal Time) had highest variability in the Score? Explain.
Note. You are expected to use the face values only of those scores in the table in order to answer the questions above. You will need to provide your reasoning behind your answers with 'what does it mean' when you explain your answers.

With the table information above:

Based on the information in the table above, first consider the possible issue (problem) that you are thinking of further researching or any questions (if any) that a critical researcher might raise with regard to the study.

Section 2: Search one or two peer-reviwed journal articles related to the Non-traditional Adult Students and/or to the information in the table 6 in Section 1; And discuss and address the possible issues with implication(s) as well as future research avenues of the study. (1-2 pages in length)

Just a minute!: For the Case assignment, especially for the descriptive statistics, try to do it on your own first. Then, you may need the threaded discussions of this assignment to see what information you can gain to help you answer the questions. Although the answers are on the tables, or require basic mathematics such as an addition, subtraction, etc., just giving a cursory look to a table of statistics certainly does not result in the same view that a careful analysis of the descriptive statistics provides.

Writing Expectations

1. The content of your report is to demonstrate your grasp of the statistical concepts presented in the assigned readings.

2. The structure of your report: It does not have to be an essay format, but can be a numbered list, according to the numbers of the questions. However, include your reflective conclusion statement with your final say on the task or the issues you have raised in your paper.

3. General format / mechanics

Approximately 3-4 pages in length including a reference list;
Organized in a clear and coherent manner;
Font size of 12.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Jealousy

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1118 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Here are the instructions: Writing is of an extended definition of an abstract concept such as success. I am choosing "Jealousy". What is a exteded definition: it informs. Sometimes the writer informs by clarifying something that is complex. For example an essay that defines freedom can help the reader understand this very difficult concept. A definition can also inform by bringing the reader to a fresh appreceiation of something familiar or taken for granted. For example, if you think that Americans do not sufficeiently appreciate free speech, you could define free speech to help readers renew their appreciation for this important liberty. A definition can also bring a reader to an understanding of something unfamiliar. For exmample, if you grew up in poverty, you could define poverty for an audience who has not experienced it and hence does not fully understand what it means.
In general, an extended definition presents the characteristics of what is being defined. Often when you present these characteristics, you rely on other patters. If you wanted to define math anxiety to inform the reader of what this condition is like, part of your essay could narrate an account of a time you experienced this anxiety.

Excerpt From Essay:

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