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Title: Patents and Trademarks for the Flavia Coffee Machine

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Essay Instructions: Mars, Inc.’s Flavia coffee machine is used around the world in offices and waiting rooms around the world. It is covered by both patent protection and a federally registered trademark. The specific instructions needed for the patents & trademarks are below, but this paper should not be too difficult to write. Please research the interesting patents the product has and investigate the trademarks associated with the Flavia machine.
You will primarily use the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office ( website to research this information. When investigating the Flavia machine, give a brief background of how the product came about, any interesting historical facts about the product, and the company who owns it, Mars, Inc. This project should be fun and interesting.
Here are the patents & trademarks I would like to see researched.
Thank you in advance and I look forward to your creativity and reviewing your work. Your paper will be the basis for an 8-12 minute presentation I will give on my selected topic the Flavia Coffee Machine.

The minimum information required on the patent(s) includes the inventor(s), the owner, the filing date, the issue date, a detailed description of the invention, and a detailed description of the boundaries of the broadest independent claim.
Patent Numbers:

#5,272,960 (This one has a nice summary of the device & background info)

The minimum information required on the trademark includes the class registered in, the description of goods/services, the first use date, the filing date, the registration date, and the owner.
Trademarks :

Flavia: #78543428
The Cafe of Choice: #76365123
Flavia Fusion: #78977583
Flavia Creation: #77246316
Flavia Peppermint Cool: #77036640
Milky Way: #'s 73390421, 76347517, 73473788, 73708519, 73737180, 74593926, 74523467, 75687904, 75687905, 75687906, 75687907 (some of these under Milky Way won't be necessary, but I thought I'd list the ones I found)

Thanks! - Jayson

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: This is a report for a Earth Science class on the topic of Mars. Attached are the two documents to help you style the report properly.

2 out of the 10 sources must be peer-reviews journal. And there needs to be 2 figures.

Please read over both documents.

In text citations are needed as well.

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Essay Instructions: Case #2: Mars Incorporated: Online Procurement
Mars Inc., one of the world's largest privately owned businesses, purchased over $4 billion of
materials annually and was aware that many major firms were achieving savings of around five
per cent through the use of online procurement auctions. The vice?president for Business Solutions
at Mars wondered whether an online auction could be designed that would meet the special needs
of the Mars company while enabling Mars to achieve the savings necessary to allow the company
to prosper and grow in its highly competitive markets.
Please prepare a brief write?up that addresses the questions below. The write?ups will be
evaluated on their content and presentation, including logic, organization, grammar, and spelling.
The write?ups should be two to three typed pages (double?spaced), not including support
materials such as diagrams and spreadsheets. Please combine all files into a single document and
submit it to the Blackboard Dropbox by the due date indicated below.
1. What are the basic types of auctions?
2. What features of the proposed Mars? auction present implementation challenges?
3. What features of the Mars? auction suggest the use of optimization?
4. Using a linear programming framework and the data from case Exhibit 1, formulate and
solve the problem of finding the cost?minimizing set of bids that meet Mars? business
requirements and determines the winning suppliers. (Ignore the requirement that first bid
wins in the case of ties.)
5. How can the requirement that first bid wins in the case of ties be met within the
optimization framework?
6. Does the need for the exact optimum solution to be determined result in any difficulties in
implementing an optimization algorithm?
7. Could a Mars?type combinatorial auction be operated without the use of optimization?
Write?up due date: Oct.5, 2012

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: This is my final project paper for Astronomy....The subject is "Life on Mars: Past and/or Present?
It needs to be 11 pages in length. I will attach a former outline for the Final project paper and instructions below for the final project. I cannot stress enough that I NEED AN EXCELLENT RESEARCHER/WRITER FOR THIS PLEASE. I am also including 2 resources of the 5 total that I would like: The resources are: and . My professor suggested these.
Minimum Requirements for your Paper

Your paper must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. It must be between eight and ten (8-10) pages in length with double spacing. The length of your paper does not include the title page, table of contents page, or reference page.

2. It must have a title page. The title page must have the title of the paper, your name and address, and the name of the course.

3. In addition to the main body of your paper it must have a conclusion section. This section should briefly summarize the issue(s) you covered and clearly articulate your analysis of the topic.

4. Your paper must have a reference section. There is no specific referencing style that you must use, but whichever one you choose it should be an accepted style (i.e. MLA, Turabian, APA), and you should be consistent in using it. Check with your mentor.

The references you cite should be from reputable and authoritative sources. Be discerning; just because something is in print or on the Internet does not mean it is credible. Your references must include primary and secondary sources.

5. Each section of your paper must have a separate heading. Placing a heading at the beginning of each section of the paper makes the discussion in the paper easier to follow. Headings also improve the paper's visual presentation.

9. Your paper must use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. All technical flaws in your analysis paper will result in grade deductions.

10. A missed due date will also result in a grade deduction. Check the course ?Calendar? to find out when your paper is due.


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