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Title: Marketing Segmentation

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Essay Instructions: Market Segmentation and Product Positioning
Prepare a 4-5 page research plan to support introducing a sporting goods and apparel shop with a Service section for custom products (i.e. custom made baseball gloves, restringing of tennis rackets) for “Your Marketing Plan” to the U.S. market. In addition to stating your marketing objectives, you are required to:

o Identify the marketing segment for the product and explain why this segment was selected;

o Discuss the target market and why these customers will be targeted;

o Conduct a SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities and treats) analysis for the company;

o Describe the market position for your product and service.

Support your recommendations with at least 2 reference sources that discuss the nature of the product, use of market research methods related to the product, or considerations in conducting research, and cite your references using APA style.

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Essay Instructions: I would like this order to be assigned to bolavens please - great work on previous paper.

Kindly find attached the journal article on which this assignment is based.

Read the journal article Gonz?lez, A. M., & Bello, L. (2002) ?The construct ?lifestyle? in market segmentation: The behaviour of tourist consumers?, European Journal of Marketing, 36 (1/2), pp. 51?85.

Assess the thesis of the authors in regards to the construct ?lifestyle?. Examine the other innovations that are presented in the article. Explain you answer.

Use the Turnitin link below to submit your assignment.

Kindly note that I need three references to be cited. References should be retrieved from Google Scholar; i.e. academic papers.

Further, there must be evidence of the incorporation of your own experience or knowledge while also focusing on an evaluation of relevant academic literature.

Please let me know if you have any questions for me.

I thank you in advance.

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Essay Instructions: jamesshanbrom
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The paper I need written is a marketing plan to sell smoke shop franchises. Taking advantage of the heavily used products by many for tobacco and other legal herbs (legal in states not federal). The Franchise will sell jewelry in a very upscale environment, The name of the store is My Wonderland...the other way. Currently they sell authentic Ed Hardy Jewelry but is open to other more popular brands. Please go to to see the current store. The paper must be written and relate to Consumer behavior and is designed to attract potential franchisees. The paper must be written using a real product or service. The following is the specific instructions from the professor.

The "How Brown got cool" file is a sample of my writing and the professors recommendations for improvement. Please write this in a style that resembles mine with out the grammar and syntax errors.

I am also going to attach a few files.

MM578 Consumer Behavior Course Project Explanation
To help you create a graduate-level submission, the following additional insights are provided to help you learn and to facilitate a high quality written submission.
You are asked to choose a consumer product or service about which you either know something or on which you can find good research. You may use either a product/service with which you are actively involved in your business or one from another business.
This project supports all of the Terminal Course Objectives in the course. This assignment is due on Sunday of Week SEVEN via the Dropbox. No late papers will be accepted.
You are to create a thorough, tightly focused Marketing Strategy that focuses on consumer behavior for either a product or a service. To help you in the process, Appendix B is available on page 738 of our course text. The sections below that are highlighted in BLUE text are found in Appendix B. The insights provided in Appendix B should be very helpful as you assess your paper?s intended content.
Those sections not highlighted receive this instructor?s additional perspectives in the ?Additional Instructions? area.
Develop a tightly focused, strategically-oriented paper. I will be seeking your depth and breadth of your findings and arguments that communicate via your logical, business-oriented writing that you are a thinking, educated, marketer.
As you create your paper, please NUMBER each section so that I can easily determine on which one of the seven (7) sections you are writing. You want to demonstrate in-depth critical thinking, provide examples, and support your assertions with legitimate scholarly resources. Use APA citations each and any time that you have referenced scholarly content.
NOTE: or or other similar ?general go-to-us-for-a-fast-answer? websites are not considered scholarly resources. Please do not use these. Demonstrate scholarly research that utilizes respected resources that identify subject-matter-experts by name.
NOTE: No more than 25-30% of your Course Project should come from external sources. Although this is a research paper, I am more interested in learning YOUR perspectives, based on your analysis. After all, this is a paper that YOU are writing. All assignments are submitted to to ensure originality of work. Thus, at least 70%+ of your paper?s content comes from your fingertips and demonstrates your synthesis of content reviewed, your critical analysis, critical thinking, and application of key concepts you have gained from our MM578 textbook. Papers that are a collection of cobbled-together snippets from other websites will not earn a passing grade. Maximum adult learner synthesis and original content is desirable.
Your Course Project asks you to utilize the following seven topics as headings for clarity, as well as subtopics as subheadings. Please clearly label each Heading and Subheading in your paper.
Headings and Subheadings Additional Instructions
1: Market Analysis
? Company
? Customers
? Competitors
? Conditions

Market Analysis
(continued) Utilize concepts from your MM522 Marketing Management course and Chapter ONE of our MM578 Consumer Behavior etext book to complete this section.
Describe your Company and your Customers. Who are your Competitors with which you do (or will do) battle? Describe the market Conditions in which you find your product/service being marketed
2: Market Segmentation
? Segmentation Criteria
? Segments
? Attractiveness Analysis
? Target Market Use culture, demographics, and the other external influences, as well as self-concept and lifestyle information to accomplish this.
3: Product Positioning Put this in the form of a ?statement.? How do you wish your product or service to be positioned in the mind of your target market?
4: Impact on the Consumer
? Perception
? Learning and Memory
? Motivation, Personality, and Emotion
? Consumer Attitude Assessment
? Self-Concept and Lifestyle Assessment Your ability to provide detailed insights on this topic will call for you to demonstrate mastery of content from Chapters 8 through 12.
Reflect on each of these five topics and discuss how each may have an impact on your target market?s decision-making process.
How does your marketing strategy demonstrate application of your strategy to each?
This is a key section of your Final Paper. Please address the five bullets in the left side and demonstrate your ability to apply that which our text shares, as well as what we have discussed in the threads.
5: Consumer Decision Process This is where you apply Chapters 13 through 18.
Discuss the process by which consumers will come to a conclusion to include your product/service in their evoked set.
6: Marketing Mix
? Product
? Place
? Promotion
? Price
? Service
Marketing Mix
(continued) This is where all of your conceptual discussion comes true in the marketplace. What does your product look like? Where are you selling it? How are you communicating with your consumers? What price signals are you sending? How do you service the customer through the decision process and post purchase?
7: Market Plan Assessment
? Competitor Response
? Anticipated Results and Contingencies Forecast the future. You finally get to recommend a ?go? or ?no go? decision.
What will your competition likely do when you enter the market with your product?
What will likely happen when you enter the market insofar as your target market?s receptivity to your product/service offering?
What is it that you have done via your marketing strategy that suggests the likelihood of success based on Consumer Behavior considerations?
What could possibly occur and for which you have not planned, thus resulting in contingencies?

Your paper should be submitted in 12 Point Times New Roman, which is identical to that which you are reading at this very moment.

Graduate-level writing is expected, of course. Please download the MM578 Writing Tips for Success. Most commonly found writing errors that Keller School of Management instructors see are nicely covered in this Word DOC, which is found in DOC SHARING.

Even if your writing is considered by others to be excellent, this document is a good read. Who knows? You may very well find an old writing habit that you

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Title: Marketing Concept and Market Segmentation in Practice

Total Pages: 18 Words: 4924 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Marketing Concept and Market Segmentation in Practice::
Choose any organisation with which you are familiar(international company or national company in Australia or in middle east). Assume that the chief executive officer of the organisation has approached you to determine whether the organisation practices the marketing concept. They ask you to prepare a report in which you firstly specify the criteria that you would use to make that determination and then apply those criteria to the organization, (or part thereof, such as a division or a branch). State what you would conclude.

1.It is not expected that you will conduct a customer survey.

2.Background information on the organization, (for example, its main activities), may be included in an Appendix, which will not be counted in the word limit or for assessment.

3.Consideration of all study materials and reference to other literature on the subject is expected.

4.If your service/product is offered to both business and consumer markets, you may confine your report to one of them.

5.Indicate the broad segmentation basis, as well as the variable, or variables, within this broad category that will identify market differences on which you could base the development of successful marketing mixes. Identify the meaningful market segments, or target markets, that reflect those market differences. Be sure to list the criteria needed to determine if a segment is viable.

6.Explain and identify the specific different marketing mixes that are required for each market segment.

7.Inclusion of quantitative data, (for example, size of market segments), is expected.
The positioning strategy must identify the product?s or brand?s competitive advantage and stress salient product characteristics or consumer benefits that differentiate the product or brand from those of the competitors.
(The assignment must not exceed 5,000 words. Ensure that the body of your report, :including the executive summary:, does not exceed the word limit, as additional material will not be marked)== ((Quotations and sources of information from published sources such as books and articles must be acknowledged)).

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