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Title: Mark Twain's involvement in psychology and medicine and the influence it had on his writting

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4576 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: We will offer more for this one!!!!

I need a 15 page research paper with a minimum of 15 citations which must be in the MLA style. It must be 12pnt font and times new roman. My topic is Mark Twain's involvement in psychology and medicine of his time and the influence it had on his writting. This was mainly evident in his later or "darker" years in works such as "Which is the Dream", Which is It?, What is Man and other works. Some books that may be useful to you are Mark Twain and Medicine any mummery will cure, Mark Twain's Which was the Dream edited by John S. Tuckey and Mark Twain and William James: Crafting a Free Self by Jason Gary Horn.

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Title: Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckle Berry Finn

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1713 Sources: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This will be turned into!

1.a description of the content of each book, with specific attention to the philosophical message(s) the author is trying to communicate and the techniques the author uses to communicate that message (the former being useful for fitting the work into an intellectual and historical context, and the latter being useful to help prepare you for the AP Language and Composition exam); explanation, based on your background research, of the way in which the author was influenced by historical and biographical factors (the historical factors will connect much more often to philosophy, though there may be occasions when an author’s technique might also have been influenced by historical circumstances).

Basically this is a report about the book "the adventure's of huckleyberry finn" by mark twain. The point of the book report is to describe the book's message and why mark twain was influenced to have this as his message. The first paragraph should be an introduction with some interesting insights about twain and the book's plot along with the thesis. Then 3 body paragraphs comparing the book's message in 3 instances in the book to paralell's in twain's life. Finally a conclusion.

This is for AP english and I am in desperate need of an A on this report. It will also be turned into, so it most be 100% original.

Thank you very much.

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Title: Mark Twain

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Essay Instructions: This is the topic I chose:
Mark Twain Huckleberry FinnTwain worked as a pilot on the Mississippi River.Many of his experiences were incorporated into the novel.

Here are the specifications from my professor:

As far as a general description goes, the paper will have the following characteristics:

Three to five pages of text
Descriptive title page, outline and thesis page, and list of works cited at the end.

Three to five sources ? the primary source, a biography of your author, two biographical essays from reference books, and one source from the Internet.

He also said this:
Think of this research paper as three short essays, each about one and a half pages, with three different objectives and three different kinds of sources.

Section One will be an "overview" of the life of your author. Tell the story of their entire life, hitting the high points and only the high points. Your source will be a biographical essay in a reference book, either print version or on line. You will need two of these biographical essays, from two different sources. The reason is that when you compare them you will find certain information in common. This is information that falls into "the realm of common knowledge." You can take it and use it without using a citation.

Section Two is were you narrow your focus, dealing only with one period or incident in the author?s life. This area of focus is identified in the topic. The organization will usually be chronological. To get this information, you will need to find a biography of your author. Some biographies are better than others. Use the title and the index to help you locate the relevant passages.

Section Three will be based upon evidence that you find in the primary source. That means the story, novel, or poem written by your author, and once again you should concentrate on the passages that will help you prove your biographical thesis.

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Title: Writing Style of Mark Twain

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1756 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write a five page research paper discussing Samuel Clemens, "Mark Twain", writing style including how it was influenced by his personal life and if possible how he used that style to comment on changes he believed needed to be made in American society. Use four secondary sources as support cited within the paper in the format of (author, page number) for each first citing then just (Page number) after that unless you switch authors then reset the citing guidelines. Will need that free works cited page as well. :)

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