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Title: Dear pleas write essay answering question related maritime insurance I 2000 words UK style plese cover issue aspects refrences

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2049 References: 6 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Dear
could you pleas write essay about the answering this question which related to maritime insurance
I need about 2000 words and UK style.
plese cover every issue and all aspects
new refrences.
best regards

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Essay Instructions: 1- Introduction to maritime labor convention(MLC) and STCW
2- Minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship
A-minimum age
B-medical certificate
C-training and qualification
d- Recruitment and placement
3- Condition of employment
a-what must be in your employment agreement
D-hours of work and hours of rest
e- Repatriation
d- Seafarer compensation for the ship loss
4- Health protection, medical care welfare and social security
a- Medical care on board ship and a shore
b- On board medical facilities
c- Social security
d- Access to shore and welfare facilities
5- Conclusion

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Essay Instructions: discuss the challenges for maritime search and rescue (SAR) administrators when they try to improve emergency response capabilities within their area of responsibility with giving an case of a country maritime search and rescue and their challenges with improving emergency response capabilities.

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Title: Maritime delimitation

Total Pages: 11 Words: 4617 Sources: 30 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: essay question is: the majority of potensial maritime boundaries worldwild remain undelimited. Does it a matter?

please in the essay answer the question.

there are some comments regarding the essay, referncing and footnoots that the essay should comply with them.

the essay should consist of introduction, body paragraphs, conclusions.
the essay body paragraphs should be in Headings and sub-heading if participle.

the writing of bibliography should be as below:

how to write bibliography:
for books
name of author, title of the book ( italicized), publisher, place of publication, year of publication, and page number/s

For chapter in edited book
name of chapter's author, title of the chapter( in inverted commas), in book author's name, title of the book ( italicized), publisher, place of publication, year of publication, and page number/s

For articles
Author's name, title of the article (in inverted commas), title of the journal ( italicized), volume and issue number, date, and page numbers

for official government publication
same as for books

newspaper, magazines should be cited the same way as articles

for html sources should be cited as in the above examples ( books, articles and report) + the exact web address

please be aware of the commas between the name of author and title and other entries, where, full stop at the end of the each reference.

Footnote: In addition in every page and with every citation, Afootnote should be written below the page.
The essay should contains around 50 footnotes, and it is important in the footnote to write the page where the citation from.

Writing criteria:
Margins of 3cm from all sides
the Font 12
Times New Roman
Justified the whole essay
1.5 spacing between line

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