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Title: United States Marine Corps

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Essay Instructions: 1,200-word paper in which you explain the application and implication of the following laws for your current employer. I work for the United States Marine Cops Analyze the United States Marine Corps safety, health, and welfare laws:

o Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of 1993
o Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970

• Answer the following questions:

o What are employers' responsibilities under the law?
o What protections does the law provide for employees?

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Title: Assessing Corporate Culture Marines

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Essay Instructions: Please respond to the following questions, in essay format, with proper attribution of all sources in APA format

Assessing Corporate Culture....Marine Corps

1. What are some formal statements that are prevalent in the organization? These could include the organization?s philosophy, mission, vision, values and any promotional material you may be aware of. What do these statements suggest to your team about the organization?

2.How does this information (from item 1) fit into the organization's culture? Describe what is unique about this organization's culture.

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Essay Instructions: You are a captain in the Marine Corps, fighting in Central America. Propose and defend a rational and ethical solution to each of the following problems:

a. how to deal with a semi-hostile press, which is "covering" the battle in a way that seems designed to make you look bad-in fact, criminal

b. the Soldier who will not continue the mission because he doesn't want to die

c. foreign physicians, news reporters, scholars, or visiting engineers, sent to these villages by the Peace Corps or the United Nations, who are ideologically opposed to your mission

d. your own fear of getting hurt or killed

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Title: F 35 Joint strike fighter

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Essay Instructions: F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, (JSF) this new and exceptional war fighter is a joint, multinational acquisition program for the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and eight cooperative international partners. Expected to be the largest military aircraft procurement ever, the stealth, supersonic F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will replace a wide range of aging fighter and strike aircraft for the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and allied defense forces worldwide.

Is this aircraft worth the money? Will they be able to replace the current war fighters we have in our inventory now? Is it necessary to replace the current, proven inventory? Will the defense budget be able to support the 13 planes that are in production now? Will the F-35 be a good fit for all branches of the military? These are the questions I will be addressing in the paper.

Keep it relevant to the defense budget and the interests involved. How many states get to help build the F-35? Why have the costs gone through the roof? Your questions are good too, but keep it focused on the budget, politics and interests involved.

On format, do not include the separate title page or references / bibliography page in your page count and cite your sources within the text following APA format (NOT footnotes). Double-space your paper in Arial or Times New Roman font with standard 1-inch margins. Do not skip lines between paragraphs and include a reference or bibliography page in APA format with at least four sources. Internet sources are acceptable but NOT Wikipedia. Your paper is subject to being checked at for undocumented material. Ensure you document all outside material

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