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Title: marine biology negitive effects of artificial reefs

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Essay Instructions: Marine Biology
Cons of artificial reefs

Good day, I need a debate paper discussing why we shouldn't allow artificial reefs in the ocean, basically the negative impacts. This paper is meant to debate someone supporting artificial reefs, that is to say try to coheres others to ban the use of artificial reefs. I would like it to focus mainly on the damaging effects to the ocean. I.e. harmful toxic substances that are released, as well as dangers to sport divers, and any others that you think will support this paper. It must not contain more than 20% of cited material. It should be 12 font, double-spaced, new time?s roman. This paper should be mark ably formal, not using personal statements, (think, I feel, I would like) typical science like. I would like the free bibliography/ citation page please.*PLEASE NOTE I would like almost all references from the Internet, that is Internet viewable and the web address listed please*

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Essay Instructions: Can you please write me an essay about { Marine life pollution }. Please write about the causes and the effects on the marine life and how can they affect the sea life and the animals in the sea. and the solution for this problem.

Please provide some photos, graphs and diagrams related to the subject.

please write from 1350 to 1650 words.

i am an undergraduate student so please write an essay regarding the undergraduate level. so not very academic and not a street language.

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Title: The effect of plastic debris on marine species

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Essay Instructions: Like the title says, the paper should mainly focus on the effects of plastic debris (all the plastic swimming in the oceans) on several marine species (e.g. sea lions, crabs, jelly fish, sea birds etc.) It should include a persuasive argument on which the paper should elaborate on. The data found must be analyzed in order to prove the main argument, should not be just descriptive. Overall it should not be a descriptive paper, but more an analytical one. My advisor warned me about that specifically.
If you have any more questions, please ask, because this is a very important paper for me, and I can't afford to mess it up.
P.s. Try not to write in a complicated way, I mean it should not be that sophisticated, if you know what I mean? That is why I picked the level of a sophomore.
There are faxes for this order.

Customer is requesting that (arslanj) completes this order.

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Title: knowledge

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Essay Instructions: Thesis on Effective Marine leaders develop junior marines by being proficiant in their job and through inspiring/ mentoring. Something along those lines. 750 words 75 word fudge factor.

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