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Essay Instructions: I would like you to write a paper on Spain and the European Union.I would like you to use the website to get all of the information you need to write the paper. This website contains everything you need. when u get to the website, scroll down to the middle of the page and you will see the word "activities" place the arrow on the word and then it will say "what the european union does by subject". scroll down and everything you need will be in "development" or "economic and monetary affairs". Their is a search engine on the site that you can use to find information you will need. I am also faxing a journal article i would like you to use for the paper titled"The economy of spain without and within the european union: 1945-2002" written by Larry Neal and Maria Concepcion Garcia-Iglesias. The instructions for the paper are as follows:
My hypothesis is: The Eurpean Union (EU) has had a positive impact on Spain and they are now better off in economic and regional development than they were bejore joining the EU.
1.) Intro: Spain & the EU. why did spain decide to join the EU? What criteria made the country a good candidate for the EU to allow them to join?

2.)Discuss the economic and regional development of Spain based on the following variables (please separate variables into sections and talk about them):
variable 1: Grants and Funds- (Structural, Cohesion, and Objective 1). What are Objective 1 interventions and what impact has it had on the economic and regional impact of spain? What are Structural funds and what impact has it had on the economic and regional impact of spain?What are Cohesion Funds and what impact has it had on the economic and regional impact of spain? (Be sure to state how any of these 3 things has had an impact on Infrastructure, employment, GDP,education, housing, transportation, air quality, etc.)
Variable 2: Community Policies (These are policies that apply to all member states of the European Union).How has the European Union's "Community Policies" had an impact on the economic and regional development of Spain.
Variable 3: Monetary Union (Euro).Discuss the new currency, the Euro, and the impact it has had on Spain's economic and regional development. Did it do anything for the deficit?

3.) Discuss your assumptions on how the recent enlargement of the EU (25 countries now) will affect Spain.

4.) Conclusion. Based on the findings, is the hypothesis correct or valid? why or why not? Discuss they are better off than they were before joing the European Union?


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