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Title: Service Request SR rm 022 paper Using Service Request SR rm 022 analyze HR system What key stakeholders Riordan Manufacturing gather requirements Describe information gathering techniques systems analysis tools propose project

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Essay Instructions: Service Request SR-rm-022 paper. Using the Service Request SR-rm-022, analyze the HR system.

? What key stakeholders in Riordan Manufacturing would you gather requirements from?

? Describe the information-gathering techniques and systems analysis tools you would propose for the project.

? Identify the key factors that help ensure the information required for the project is gathered successfully.

? Explain what project scope is and why it is important. Describe the areas of project feasibility that are examined in the analysis phase of the SCLC.

? Cite and discuss 2 to 3 references, in addition to the required readings, that are relevant to the assignment. Include citations and references formatted consistent with APA guidelines.

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6. Process the data to derive meaningful information and translate into goals and requirements

Because the HR department at Riordan Manufacturing has identified that there is a need to consolidate all of the various tools currently in use into a single application; the first stage of the information gather process is almost complete. The obvious task is to identify the tools in use and those who use them. Once done the questions will present themselves to the project team as the statement "the current systems consist of X with Y users using the system for Z. purpose." The project team must then identify what questions must be answered by either the customer (Riordan Manufacturing) or the team itself. The project team must craft the questions in such a manner as to provide the opportunity to deliver the underlying answer. Poorly worded questions will produce poor responses. Studies have shown that an error in requirements determination, possible because of a poorly worded question, which is not found until the later phases of development can cost 10 to 100 times as much to fix; as it would cost had it been found during the specification phase (Maraks & Elam, 1998).

The project team must determine where to gather the information to develop the business requirements. There are many important areas to consider in developing a well-defined picture of a system. One area is to observe the current business processes in the system and identify the tasks in those processes.

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Title: Manufacturing Process of a bicycle

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Essay Instructions: Paper Must contain the following:

1. A brief history of the manufacturing process of the bicyle
2. How it started/ was develped/ time frame it was designed and put into the market.
3.Present impact of the manf. process cocerning bicyles
4. projection of the future usage of the bike

Can use up to 2 illistrations

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Allen, D., Patrick, N. Hummer, J. & Milazzo, J. (1998). Operational

Analysis of Uninterrupted Bicycle Facilities, Paper No. 98-0066, Transportation

Research Record 1636, pp 29-36.

Aultman-Hall, L. & Hall, F. (1998). Research Design Insights from a Survey of Urban Bicycle Commuters, Paper No. 98-0156, Transportation Research Record

1636, pp 11-28.

Bicycle Museum. (2007) a Quick History of Bicycles. Retrieved November 6, 2007 from

Dill, J. & Carr, T. (2003). Bicycle Commuting and Facilities in Major U.S. Cities:

If You Build Them, Commuters Will Use Them - Another Look, Portland State

University, Transportation Research Board, 2003 Annual Meeting.

Imperato, G. (1997). Harley Shifts Gears. Retrieved November 1, 2007, at

Muller, M. (2007). Inside the Varsity. Retrieved November 6, 2007 at

U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service and U.S. Department of State. (2001). Bicycle

Industry. Retrieved November 6, 2007 at

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Title: literature review

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Essay Instructions: Here is the task for this paper:
1) The first requirement is to write a literature review on the topic of “Manufacturing productivity improvement”, 1 page…3 sources
Talk about its origins manufacturing productivity, the need for productivity improvements and quickly introduce ways of improving it.
2) The second requirement is to write a literature review on “Total productive maintenance”. 1 page … 3sources

Note: total pages 2
Total sources 6
Please make sure you use books or peer reviewed articles.
***** Below is an example of the structure of the literature review required (the topic is irrelevant to this task), please follow the same style.

Thank you

Cost management
Cost management is very important for a construction company achieving its objectives. In recent years, much research has been conducted on cost management and its impacts on the construction industry. Akintoye, Edward, and Hardcastle (2003), for example, carried out research on critical factors in Public-private partnerships (PPPs)/Private Finance Initiative (PFI) projects in the UK. Their research found that a strong private consortium, and available cost management system were the two most important critical factors of PPPs/PFI projects in the UK.

Flanagan (2006) conducted a review of the latest developments in competitiveness research in the construction industry from both the construction industry level and construction project level. His review found that continually improving competitiveness at general management and economic levels was the most important factor for success in construction projects. Based on his review on competitiveness in construction, he suggested that embracing new techniques is a good way to achieve sustainable development of competitiveness at general management and economic levels.

Comparing these two research studies, the significant difference between them is the object of the research. Akintoye, Edward, and Hardcastle mainly focused on the PPPs/PFI projects in the UK. Thus, their research cannot be generalized to other countries. However, Flanagan aimed to review the latest developments in competitiveness research in the construction industry. Thus, his research basically generalized to the whole construction industry. In other words, Flanagan’s research result can be related to other countries.

Hawk (2006) conducted a survey by using a questionnaire with 60 different international construction firms. His research found that continually trying new ways to keep pace with rapidly changing resource availabilities and costs, availability of new organisational forms, innovative financial arrangement and advanced technological possibilities were the most critical factors affecting success of the international construction industry. This research discussed and found out the critical success factors for international construction firms at a financial management level.

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Aiquang, Li. (2007). Fresh grounds for improvement [total productive maintenance in Bosch's

Changsha plant]. Manufacturing. 86 (5), p 24-27.

Bryson, John R., Taylor, Michael and Cooper, Richard. (2008). Geografiska Annaler Series B:

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Gurinder Singh, Brar. (2006). Keeping the wheels turning [total productive maintenance].

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Hashimoto, Seiji, Matsui, Shigekazu, Matsuno, Yu, Nansai, Keisuke, Murakami, Shinsuke and Moriguchi, Yuichi. (2008). Journal of Industrial Ecology. 12(5/6), p657-668.

Sun, Hongyi, Yam, Richard and Wai-Keung, Ng. (2003). The implementation and evaluation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) -- an action case study in a Hong Kong manufacturing company. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

22 (3/4), p 224-228.

Wen-Ruey Lee, Beruvides, Mario G. And Chiu, Y. David. (2007). Engineering Economist. 52

(2), p117-139.

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Title: This manufacturing section Discuss plan produce products What's rationale choosing a place What potential problems face manufacture chosen area country Think manufacture affect brand positioning Alternatively competition producing

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Essay Instructions: This is manufacturing section
Discuss where you plan to produce your products. What's your rationale for choosing a particular place? What potential problems might you face if you manufacture in your chosen area/country. Think about how where you manufacture might affect your brand positioning. Alternatively, consider where your competition is producing.

Can you get started on the Manufacturing section on the backside of the assignment sheet. It talks about where we're going to produce our products ect-our price point for the bags is from $50-85 since we'll be in Gap so we'll probably need to source it overseas so maybe you could look into any factories that specialize in bags ect. Please include manufacturing section all questions.

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