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Title: Between the Acts by Viringia Woolf OR Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

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Essay Instructions: Please write an essay on imagery in Between the Acts by Virginia Woolf or some type of literary analysis (on any elements) on Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. The Between the Acts essay would be preferred, but please write on whichever topic is easiest/fastest to complete with the best quality. I do NOT need any outside sources, but if they are used, please reference them only in a "work cited" or "bibliography" page. Please use MLA format. This is for an "Intro to literature" class.

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Essay Instructions: Write a 7 essay on one of the topics below. This is both a research essay and a comparative essay. For the research component, you must consult and cite from at least two secondary sources (books, articles, essays, etc.

Your essay should conform to the MLA style as laid out in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. The MLA Handbook (in various editions) is available in the reference section and in the stacks of most libraries. Or check out the website at You must document your sources according to the MLA style, which employs a Works Cited, as opposed to footnotes or endnotes.

Guidelines for a comparative essay:
In a comparative essay you should demonstrate your knowledge of each text on which you write. However, it is equally important for you to show your ability to make connections between the texts. Be careful not to dwell on any aspect of one text without showing how that aspect is related to your other text, and in ways that directly pertain to your argument. Remember: your essay must be comparative throughout. You are expected to make links between the texts at each step. Take care not to write half a paper about one work and half a paper about another. Provide specific textual evidence to support the claims you make.

You are not to write an essay that is arranged into two sections, one on the first piece, and one on the second. This results in two mini essays and only a minimal amount of comparative analysis. To avoid this problem, be sure to develop a clear rationale for your comparison: a clear explanation of the grounds for comparison lets your reader know why and how your choice of texts and of particular figures/issues/themes/problems is deliberate and meaningful, not random. Indicate clearly the reasoning behind your choice in articulating your argument.

Whichever organizational scheme you choose, the key to constructing a coherent, unified analysis lies in the articulation of your thesis: your thesis statement will convey the gist of your argument, which necessarily follows from the rationale for your comparison. Your thesis will explain the ways in which your texts relate to one another: do they extend, corroborate, complicate, contradict, correct or debate one another? Your thesis not only will make clear the nature of the relationship between A and B, it will make a specific CLAIM about the SIGNIFICANCE of that relationship. Why is it interesting? How is it interesting? What do you want to prove over the course of your essay about the significance of the relationship?

?Land is crucial to 18th and 19th century conceptions of rural virtue, politics, and property. Discuss the significance of land in Robinson Crusoe and Mansfield Park.?

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Title: 19th Century English Novels Jane Austen Charlotte Bronte Elizabeth Gaskel

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Essay Instructions: Using one of these three Novels:
1) Mansfield Park- Jane Austen
2) Villette- Charlotte Bronte
3) North and South- Elizabeth Gaskel

This paper is an opportunity for a close reading: a focused textual analysis of a meaningful narrative moment or passage or narrative sequence or motif and its relationship to broader cultural and/or aesthetic questions.

You are to choose a topic, any topic that is sufficiently narrow on one of these books. The most engaging novels usually compare two novels, or two, ostensibly paradoxical, moments, but you are not required to do so since it’s a relatively short paper. You may consider education, mobility, theatricality or the role of jewelry, fathers, crowds, gifts, clothing, spectacle, eating, mirrors, colors, churches. Remember that a novelist embeds ideas in concrete objects. The best papers focus on repeated objects, spaces, gestures, or phrases.
1) Avoid generalized statements.
2) Avoid claims to unsubstantiated history
3) Give all your statements analytical depth.
4) Make sure every paragraph is organized around a
controlling statement whose relationship to the
argument is clear.
5) Avoid unnecessary plot summary.
6) Do not use citations for plot summary, cite from the
text because the authors precise wording is important to
your argument and therefore you need to discuss the
passage- its language , its grammatical structure, its
imagery etc.
7) Use Active and creative verbs rather than forms of to be
or to have.
8) Avoid passive voice whenever possible.

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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: 2 page essay with 3 Quotes and 1 source. The Longman Antholology of British Literature by Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc. Copyright 2000.
Believe it or not , Jane Austin (1775-1817) and Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) were near contemporaries, although they led very different lives and wrote on (seemingly) different topics, particularly as they related to women. Write an analysis of Austin and Wollstonecraft in which you focus on the ways in which they''re simular, different, or some combination of the two. Limit yourself to just how these issues ar delt with with the texts you read in class. The texts are "Mansfield Park" and "A Vindication Of the rights of women".

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