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Title: Managerial economics and strategic analysis

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Essay Instructions: Managerial economics and strategic analysis
This week?s paper is required to be 4 -6 pages in length, not including the title page and the reference page. Each page should be approximately 350 words, so no paper should be less than 1400 words. Double space your work, cite your work, limit quotes, and edit your work well for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.
After reading chapters 9 & 10 from week 5 and reading chapters 11 & 12 from week 6 you should have an understanding of the types of strategic control, the need for balance between rewards, culture, and boundaries, the pros and cons of different organizational structures, the elements of effective leadership, ethics programs, the types of risk a company may take. After reading the linked articles below, you then can incorporate all of these strategies with the managerial economic impact certain decisions will have on a company.
Read these two articles about managerial economics
Managerial Economicsfile:///C:/Users/Marlene/Documents/APUS/Management%20School/MGMT410/Managerial%20Economics.pdf

Updating Managerial Economicsfile:///C:/Users/Marlene/Documents/APUS/Management%20School/MGMT410/Updating%20Managerial%20Economics.pdf

Your essay will address these items:
A. Select a company that we are all familiar with. DO NOT select Walmart, the Police, or the Military. Your choice must be a company (other than Walmart), not a government entity. Research this company using at least (3) outside scholarly articles. Do not use a website as a reference. Your reference source must have an author. Discuss six selected topics from our studies throughout weeks five and six (chapters 9 ? 12). Discuss these six topics in relation to your company and also incorporate the issue of managerial economics within your company and how the economic situation of today influences the strategic decisions your company is making. For example, one topic you may choose may be how your company attains balance between culture, rewards, and boundaries. Another topic may be your company?s organizational structure and why they have the structure they have.
Give examples using the terms and concepts in your textbook and your research articles.
B. What is the importance of each of the six topics within your company?
C. What is the usefulness of understanding this topic in today's corporate structure?
D. How does managerial economics fit into your topic?
Paper Format:
Title Page
Introductory Paragraph - Include an introductory paragraph that states your company and your six topics and why you selected them.
Font and Spacing - Use Times New Roman 12 pitch font with double-spaced lines.
Length - Write a 4 to 6 page essay not including the title page and citation page.
Reference Page - Include all sources including your textbook on a separate reference page. Use references with authors, not websites.
Utilize the APA Style for documenting sources. You will need to include at least 3 sources in additional to your textbooks. Finally, remember Wikipedia is NOT a scholarly source.

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Essay Instructions: Managerial Practices Executive Summary
Research previous course work and learned concepts.
Executive summary in which you analyze organizational behavior concepts associated with common managerial practices involved in day-to-day operations within criminal justice settings. Be sure to identify professional standards and values that apply across various components of the criminal justice system on a national level.

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Essay Instructions: Managerial Economics
How important is it for management to secure cost leadership (CL) in a product market? Examine the extent to which the production-cost relationship, for example, can help management achieve CL status.

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Title: Budgeting

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Essay Instructions: Managerial accounting class. Examine the budgeting process at a company. (use a us fortune 500 company) identify strengths and weaknesses of the company's Budgeting process.

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