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Title: Management control systems

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Essay Instructions: My work is only part C. All of the essay in my work must according to the book "Management control systems"by Kenneth A. Merchant Wim A. Van der Stede and Part A which has completed.

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Essay Instructions: The subject of the paper is Hasbro Interactive.

Please focus on the following, but emphasizing mostly on the Management Control Systems:

o Identify corporate/and or business unit strategy.
o Identify the current management control system.
o Evaluate whether or not the control system is effectively supporting the company?s or business unit?s strategy.
o If so, does effectively support the strategy, explain how it does so and identify any improvements needed.
o If not, does not effectively support the strategy, explain why not and make specific recommendations for improvement.
o Illustrate your reasoning. Defend either position with proof and back-up material that supports the conclusions and recommendations.

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Essay Instructions: Essay type:

Case study - Project management, budget management and cost management. Chain of retail stores.

Students can use case study in their own organisation. I prefer a chain of retail stores that operates internationally.

Part 1. Managing Project
Apply the project management techniques to a past, present or future project in your organisation. Comment on the appropriateness of the application of each of the five phases in the successful management of the project. Suggest ways in which the project management process could be improved. 1,800 words. 10 references to be used.
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(pp. 57-63).

Part 2. Managing Budget
Discuss the major behavioural issues associated with budgeting in this project. Critically evaluate what you would do to avoid any negative effects (e.g. motivation, participation, rewards conflicts, etc..). 700 words. Five references to be used.
1. Drucker, P. F. (2001). Be data literate - know what to know. In S. M. Young (Ed). Readings in management accounting (pp.2-3).
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Part 3. Managing Cost
Locate or draw a cost report or variance report, either for this project or for another, or identify future expected costs. Identify the various cost categories (eg. fixed, variable, direct, indirect and overhead) and comment on how effective these are in managing the costs that relate to this specific project. Discuss how these could be improved to enhance the management of costs associated with this project. Include in your comments the relationship between ensuring quality outcomes for the project and the importance of controlling costs. 700 words. Five references to be used.
1. Anthony, R., Dearden, J. & Govindarajin, V. (1992). Relation to planning and control. Management control systems (pp. 17-22, 967-970). Sydney: Irwin.
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