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Title: Management Development Techniques

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Essay Instructions: Management Development Techniques

Introduction: The area of research should be described and the purpose of the research. That is, describe the topic area in terms of (1) its relationship to training and (2) what you want to be able to contribute to the training literature by writing this paper.

Review of the literature: Organize the literature into logical streams of thought related to your topic area. Within each of these areas summarize what the literature has to say. Be sure to indicate in your discussion whether the information is based on empirical data or just the opinion of the author.

Implications of the literature: Again, organize the implications of the literature in a manner that logically builds the case for your conclusions (which you will present in the next section). For each of your implications be sure to reference the literature related to that implication. Be sure to indicate whether the implication is one that has already been made in the literature or if this is one that is original to you. You should identify in this section important areas related to your topic that are missing from the literature.

Conclusions: This is where you tie all the pieces together. Make sure your conclusions are organized in a logical order that states what you have concluded relative to the purpose of your paper. Be sure that these conclusions are justified. For example, conclusions based upon empirical fact have more weight than those based upon opinion. Opinions shared by many in the literature have more weight than those of only one author.

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Essay Instructions: Management behaviour
Essay of 1000 words to compare management theory and styles, include discussion of selected classical management theories; review of leadership styles and the role of partnerships and stakeholders in business.

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Essay Instructions: (management concepts in hospitals)

1. assess the various management levels and their role in your chosen hospital

2. describe and explain the external and internal environment of the facility

3. explain how management contributes to tis effective or non effective performance.

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Title: Management Accounting

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Essay Instructions: Management Accounting Research Dissertation

Critically analyze this topic:
“The necessity and the role of Management & Cost Accounting Reporting system for an organization to achieve predetermined goals, while the other supportive reporting systems are existing and whether it is necessary to have a common control framework to monitor this reporting system.”

The essay is meant for assessing your capability to critically appreciate and analyze modern management accounting concepts and techniques. Submission of the essay is compulsory in this unit.

Word limit: 2000 words (excluding bibliography).

Other Assignment presentation requirements:
· Each assignment should be typed using a computer or word processing package. The pages should be numbered.

· A left margin of 40mm is required to allow for written comments and line spacing of 1.5 is required.

Assignments marking criteria:
1. Knowledge, understandability and application of management control concepts as explained and discussed in the unit.

2. Critical analysis.

3. Research and inquiry skills including appropriate referencing skills.

Lecture topics associated with course is as below if useful:
1. Introduction to Management Accounting and Basic Cost

2. Job Costing

3. Activity Based Costing and Management

4. Flexible Budgets, Direct-Cost Variances, and Management Controls.

5. Flexible Budgets, Overhead Cost Variances, and Management Controls

6. Inventory Costing and Capacity Analysis

7. Target Costing, and Cost Allocation, Customer-Profitability Analysis, and Sales Variance Analysis

8. Allocation of Support-Department Costs, Common Costs, and Revenues.

9. Cost Allocation: Joint Products and Byproducts.

10. Process Costing.

11.Inventory Management, Just-in-Time, and Simplified Costing Methods.

12. Management Control Systems, Transfer Pricing, and Multinational Considerations.

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