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Title: Man's Fate by Andre Malraux and The Quiet American by Graham Greene

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Essay Instructions: Man's Fate by Andrew Malraux
The Quiet American by Graham Greene
"In both Man's Fate and The Quiet American, Western European novelists are writing (at least, in part) of Communist revolutions in Asian nations. How do Malraux and Green view Communism? Do they share similar views? Do they have a favorable opionin of Communism? What is significant about their persepctives?"

The essay must be four pages long, and contain from 1-2 quotes per body paragraph. The quotes must be from the text. Also, please do not use any outside resources on the authors, just information you can gather about them from their respective books. As for citations of the quotes, the page number in parenthesis next to it will do.

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Andre Malraux, Man's Fate (La condition humaine), translated by Haakon M. Chevalier (New York: Vintage, 1990),

Greene, Graham. The Quiet American. London: Vintage Classics, 2001

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Title: Kochanowski Project

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Essay Instructions: "Man's life is error" this is a quote from Lament 1- Jan Kochanowski. Discuss this assertion in the context of the Laments. OR Discuss the Laments in the context of this assertion.
Please read all 19 Laments written by Jan Kochanowski and follow the above instructions.

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Work Cited

Kochanowski, Jan. "Treny." Trans. Adam Czerniawski, Ed. Piotr Wilczek. Oxford: Legenda,

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Title: Rainforest Destruction of Rainforests by Man The

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Essay Instructions: Mans destruction of the Rain Forest,The use of the lumber, what happens to the creatures. ecosystem, lands bibliography, cited pages argumentive why man must do it. because the population is getting larger, economics,money, greed, Sources must be in it. Quotes are fine. Paraphrase, thesis APA FORMAT
Roslyn Engelmayer FEBRUARY 25, 2011 Eventually what will happen in the end? We will loose the forest, It causes draught, etc.

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Works Cited:


Aiken, S.R. And C.H. Leigh (2006) Land use conflicts and rainforest conservation in Malaysia and Australia. Land Use Policy 3:161-79.

Bunker, S.C. (2000) Development and the destruction of human and natural environments in the Brazilian Amazon. Environment 22:14-20, 34-43.

Burley, F.W. (1985) Plan to reverse destruction of tropical forests released by international task force. Environmental Conservation 12:365-6.

Denevan, W.M. (2003) Development and imminent demise of the Amazon rainforest. Professional Geographer 25:130-5.

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Flenley, J.R. (2005) The Equatorial Rainforest: A Geological History. Butterworth, London.

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Gray, A. (2000) Indigenous people and the marketing of the rainforest. The Ecologist 20:223-8.

Hurst, P. (1989) Rainforest Politics: The Destruction of Forests in South-East Asia. Zed Books, London.

Jackson, I. (2005) Climate, Water and Agriculture in the Tropics. Longman, London.

Melillo, J.M. et al. (2003) A comparison of two recent estimates of disturbance in tropical forests. Environmental Conservation 12:37-40.

Mendes, C. And T. Gross (2004) Fight for the Forest: Chico Mendes in his Own Words. Third World Publications, New York.

Tucker, R. And J. Richards (1976) The Tropical Rainforest. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

World Resources Institute (2008) World Resources 1990-91. Basic Books, New York.

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Title: My paper discuss I a wife I chose topic summarized a wifes role women gained independance It showed a mans point view expected wife She responsible childcare paying childcare She responsible a good cook cleaning caring household

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Essay Instructions: My paper needs to discuss the following:
I want a wife.
I chose this topic because it summarized what a wifes role was before women gained more independance. It showed a mans point of view what he expected from his wife. She would be responsible for the childcare and paying for childcare. She would be responsible for being a good cook, cleaning and caring for the household. He on the other would be free at any time to up and leave if he so chose to and the children would automatically be soley his wifes responsibility along with all the other duties that she already had. It was an interesting story because based on the males point of view at the time he would want his wife to be faithful sexually while he may have the need to be able to relate to people as fully as possible meaning that he may have the need to not be faithful. In all the wife would be a servant to her family and any guest that they might have and her huband would be free to do as he pleased.

I am going to research how women and mens roles in life have changed dramaticaly since this was written. I am going to try and find articles where the woman is now the main bread winner in the family and how some men are stay at home dads who now have the opposite roles that men used to have.

It has to contain annotated Bibliography from the source of the research

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Green, Robert T., and Isabella C.M. Cunningham. "Feminine Role Perception And Family Purchasing Decisions." Journal Of Marketing Research (JMR) 12.3 2012: 325- 332. Business Source Complete.

This journal talks of how the women roles have changed mostly due to the men behavior. It compares different family decision matters under different conditions of female role perception. It compares the different modern and traditional family roles especially with age and income categories.

Kohen, Janet A. "Housewives, Breadwinners, Mothers And Family Heads: The Changing Family Roles Of Women." Advances In Consumer Research 8.1 (2012): 576- 579. Business Source Complete

Kohen talks on the delayed ages in marriage causing the changing roles for women. He feels that the decreased fertilities and higher employment rates, with increased family headships has caused a major change in women's attitude and their roles in the families. The chapters review that recent research findings have shown women's definition of their family role being able to their personal goals.

Park, K. Economic crisis, women's changing economic roles, and their implications for women's status in North Korea. Pacific Review, 2011 24(2), 159-177

Park's book has emphasized on how the roles of women have changed especially in North Korea and the impacts this has on their status. The author says that the economic crisis has been the main reason of this change. This has caused women to move from their homeland in order to take care of their families. The chapters here have emphasized on the negative impact that the economic crisis has on these women.

Sohoni, Neera Kuckreja. "The Changing Family And Women's Issues In The 1990S." Feminist Issues 13.1 (1993): 55. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 5 Aug. 2012

The journal emphasizes on how men and women had a clear separation as working and non-working though this has radically changed in the last three decades. It explains the structural and spiritual differences in the world today mentioning single parenting, working couples, teen parenting among other fields that were rarely heard of in the 1800s. He assesses these configurations and compares them to the changing woman's role.

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