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Essay Instructions: Malcolm X - Identity and Race (from Autobiography by Alex)

This paper should about his struggle from childhood with the death his father, identity crisis with relationship with his mother and how it was related his views on the rest of his life, the streets to prison, finding "The nation of Islam" and the betrayal and until his death.

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Title: I have more than one topic will list at the bottom

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Essay Instructions: This order is for Tomar, Tomar This order should have six essays with all the different themes am sending you. Give me a call if you don't understand, Nadine Harris.

Themes from Malclom X, Learning to Read that must compare with, The Achievement of Desire by Richard Rodriquez.

These are the different themes.

1. Determination and commitment compare this to rodriquez determination and commitment, with thesis.2pages

2. Academic success, what is it? compare this to rodriquez academic success, with thesis, 2pages

3.Sacrifice that malcolm made, compare with the sacrifice that rodriquez made,with thesis,2pages

4.Native intelligence vs Academic intelligence comparing malcolm native intelligence to rodriquez academic intelligence, with thesis, 2pages

5. Language Change, how important is it? comparing malcolm language change and rodriquez language change with thesis. 2pages

6. It's only an education that liberates, compare this theme with malcolm x and rodriquez, with thesis. 2pages

This order is for Tomar, all these 6 essays must be separate with 2pages at least 500 words.

Nadine Harris

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Title: Ideas of Malcolm X and other African American Leaders

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Essay Instructions: write an essay that explores the ideas of Malcolm X and other African American leaders. Most the paper should focus on Malcolm X and his ideas. Discussion of other writers is necessary for the sake of comparison, but Malcolm X should receive the most attention. Explain the main ideas about African Americans? place in American society and the strategies they should pursue to alter their status. Be sure to discuss how the different ideas put forward by these authors were shaped by their historical context.

Your essay has two main goals:
1. Explain Malcolm X?s ideas regarding the place of African Americans in the United States and his proposals for change. Contrast his views with at least two other African American leaders. Did they agree or disagree? On what points?
2. Place the ideas of Malcolm X and at least two other authors in their historical context. For example, if you compare Malcolm X to Du Bois, be sure to explain how the conditions of the 1890s shaped Du Bois?s thinking, while the 1960s informed Malcolm X?s ideas. Be sure to note how different contexts such as time period, region (North or South), and social status could lead to different proposals for reform. Why exactly did these authors agree or disagree?
Most of the paper should draw from The Autobiography of Malcolm X for quotations and information. Other sources include Booker T. Washington, W. E. B. Du Bois, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Title: essay education part essay Malcolm x A homemade Education I essay bad perfect

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Essay Instructions: my essay is about education and part of my essay have to be about Malcolm x A homemade Education.
I want my essay to be not bad nor perfect.

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