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Title: Malaysia

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3743 Sources: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: How might you explain the stability in ethnic relations in Malaysia since 1969? Explore political, economic, and cultural explanations to this question and decide which "answer" is most persuasive.

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Title: My country malaysia The contras country United State Ive attached details essay materials Note i request writer ID gkwylie

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1453 References: 10 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: My country is malaysia. The contras country will be United State. Ive attached the details of the essay and some materials that might be useful.

Note - i would to request for writer ID - gkwylie

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Title: world bank its stated in additional specification

Total Pages: 53 Words: 14609 Works Cited: 35 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Dear writer

I’ve not decided about topic yet.. I need any topic related to world bank or related to Malaysian banks........the topic is up to you ..... just I need something that can use statistical analysis for it.......for example any correlation between variables.........or anything else in this area that you can write it better.........i would rather to trust you even in selecting a good topic for this dissertation........ but because I’m student in Malaysia, it shouldn't be irrelevant….. I can’t submit something about any other country for example….

The most important thing is that I need the topic that you like to choose as soon as possible …….
and after that i will send you some dissertation to show you the structure in my university.......

I need a perfect dissertation with tables, figures as well as statistical analysis…… the structure I need for this dissertation is following: 20,000 words in APA
Chapter 1including: 1.1.introduction 1.2.Background 1.3. Problem statement 1.4. question of study 1.5. objective of study 1.6.significance of study 1.7. Scope and limited of study
Chapter 2 including: introduction and any history, any necessary explanation as well as literature review
Chapter 3 including: methodology (research design, research framework, hypothesis, data collection, population or samples, technique, data analysis)
Chapter 4 including: findings and results of research method
Chapter 5including: discussion, conclusion and recommendations.

again i should mention i need the topic as soon as possible and i would like you to send the dissertation chapter by chapter, then i can talk with my supervisor and send you back any comments or anything else can help you to write it better.......of course this structure i gave you is flexible and according to your discretion it can be changed.....
something else about the date of completion ....this one is also flexible and it can be expanded to 22 august but i want chapter by chapter and the whole dissertation i can have it even 22 august or end of august..... thanks for your consideration

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Title: Islam and democracy in Malaysia

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1422 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Below are three books pertaining to Islam and Malaysia the could be helpful to write the review:

Hussin Mutalib, Islam in Malaysia: from revivalism to Islamic State? 1993

Joseph Liow, Piety and politics: Islamism in contemporary Malaysia, 2009

Gordon Means, Political islam in Southeast Asia, 2009 (see chapters on Malaysia)

here are the Instruction for the paper:

Research Project Assignment #2: Literature Review
Choose one of your research questions from RPA #1 and write a 5-7 page literature review. Your literature review should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the scholarship addressing your research question. You should cover, at a minimum, 7 scholarly articles and 1 monograph (scholarly book). Remember, though, that you may need more than this number of sources to identify and analyze the main schools of thought on your topic. The literature review should demonstrate that you can provide an overview of the scholarly literature on your topic, organize and analyze this literature, and provide a rationale for your own research question. In your final research paper, the literature review will be central to addressing REC #1 and #2.
In organizing your literature review, you should pay attention to the following tips:
• Make sure to state your research question clearly and directly in the first paragraph or two. Although the wording and focus may change, this will be the question and topic area that you will continue to research for the rest of the course! Make sure to incorporate any relevant feedback from RPA #1!
• Organize your discussion of the literature by “school of thought” and discuss how different groups of scholars agree/disagree with one another and how they identify similar/different factors important to explaining your puzzle. You should aim to answer the four key questions discussed by Baglione in our textbook reading.
• The final paragraphs of your literature review should tell the reader how the literature has informed your own research in specific ways (e.g. in the refinement of your question, specification of concepts, selection of variables, etc.) and how you hope your final paper will add to the scholarly conversation on your topic.

Paper Formatting
Your paper should be 5-7 double-spaced pages in length (standard 12 point font, 1” margins). Include your name, the submission date, the course number on the first page, and page numbers on all pages except for the first page. Remember to correctly cite sources wherever you refer to work that is not your own, using the Turabian citation format (see citation guide posted to Blackboard).

Submission Instructions
All papers should be submitted electronically through the course Blackboard site. To submit your paper:
1. Save the final version of your paper in .docx, .doc, .pdf or .rtf format
2. Make sure that the file name does not contain any spaces or non-alphanumeric characters, or Blackboard will strip away the attached file! The file name of your paper should be as follows: YourlastnameRPA2.docx
3. Click on the appropriate assignment in the “Assignments” section of Blackboard.
4. Upload your paper using the “Attach File” button in the “Assignment Materials” section. Remember - you must click “Submit” (not “Save as Draft”) to submit your paper!

RPA #2 IS DUE BEFORE THE START OF CLASS AT 9.00 AM ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27. The penalties for late work are discussed in the course syllabus. The Blackboard system will record the time of submission.

There are faxes for this order.

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