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Title: Magical Realism in Ana Castillo's novel So Far From God

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Essay Instructions: Hello. I would like a paper explaining how MAGICAL REALISM is employed in Ana Castillo's novel, "So Far From God" (1992). I gave the deadline a little more time because I would like specific examples from the text cited and a professionally written paper. That would help me greatly.

Thank you.

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Title: literature

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19 MAY 02. I still have not received confirmation of the order and I am now down to two days before I MUST HAVE this paper. Please check your records to ensure that you have not already billed me.

Requirements as noted by professor (College Level Course):

TOPIC (Title): Magical Realism in Juan Rulfo?s Pedro P?ramo and Gabriel Garc?a-M?rquez''s "Death Constant Beyond Love"

Write an essay on the use of magical realism in Juan Rulfo?s Pedro P?ramo and Gabriel Garc?a-M?rquez''s "Death Constant Beyond Love." Your title MUST be?Magical Realism in Juan Rulfo?s Pedro P?ramo and Gabriel Garc?a-M?rquez''s "Death Constant Beyond Love" or, perhaps, The Use of Magical Realism in . . .

Find places in each work that demonstrate the use of magical realism. You have the title for your essay, so you will next construct a thesis. After stating your thesis?likely the final sentence in paragraph one?you will be ready to write the body of your essay (the proof of your thesis). Explain these uses of magical realism in the body of your essay by using explicit quotations from the story to support your thesis. Your object is to communicate to the reader that you know what magical realism is and that it appears as a part of both of these works. Support all?prove all?your points, and then conclude in a separate paragraph.

Your essay must be in the MLA format; have a title (in this case given) that is clearly related to your subject, thesis, and conclusion; have a body composed of several supporting paragraphs that quote the text; and conclude in a final paragraph that revisits your title and thesis (specifically, the key words in both).

The form of your essay (MLA), grammatical integrity, and proper level of diction are equally as important as the subject itself. Read carefully, write conscientiously, and revise thoroughly.

An excellent internet source to help you is this one:

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Title: One Hundred Years of Solitude

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Essay Instructions: here's my abstract: (this dont make sense, but this what i turned in)
In this paper, I argue that violence is used to help explain historical reality. I analyze Gabriel Marquez?s One Hundred Years of Solitude to show a relation between reality and imaginary. A longer paper might argue the used of various styles to express a symbolic reflection of Columbia, but I will limit my argument on a historical narratives and magical realism.
Possible thesis:
Although violence is not the main theme, magical realism shows the reader that the details in violent events in One Hundred Years of Solitude are similar to the history of Columbia.

Another abstract (In case, its a little bit confusing)
i got this from a website:
Write a research paper similar to this

discuss how the motif of violence is used to express the theme of solitude in Gabriel Garcia Marquez?s ?One Hundred Years of Solitude?. In Gabriel Garcia Marquez?s ?One Hundred Years of Solitude? written in 1967, he uses various themes throughout to help highlight the theme of isolation and solitude experienced by the munity of Macondo in the book. One motif used is that of violence which reoccurs throughout the history of the munity. The violent cycles within the work increase in their destructive nature but after each occurrence, the munity suppresses the memories of the violence. This suppression of memories further isolates the munity from reality and the outside world and they eventually create a society based on their own fantasies. Although violence is not meant to be a central focus of the book Marquez is very explicit in the details of the violence which does occur partly to awaken the reader to events which actually have occurred in the history of Columbia and which have been rewritten and suppressed in their own account but also to show to what extent the suppression of such violence can add to the solitude of a munity and its characters.

Another details:
Consider a relationship between social realism and magical realism. How do One Hundred Years for Solitude treat social history? When Garcia Marquez refers to One Hundred Years of Solitude as a metaphor for Latin America, what might he mean? In what sense does magical realism substitute for or help explain social/historical reality? If you choose this question, you might concentrate your research less on literary criticism and more on historical narratives.

On the research paper please include parenthetical citations, and there's no limit on using quotation, but dont use a lot. also, please include work cited page.
please get sources at
Make the book, One Years of Solitude, as the primary source

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Title: comparison paper between 2 books and authors

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Essay Instructions: I need to write COMPARISON PAPER between 2 works and they are book from Salman Rushdie: Haroun and Sea of Stories, and Jorge Luis Borges: The Aleph
I need to identify one particular aspect of each aspect of each work that both works have in common, and the analyze similarities and differences between each work.
And also i need to indenity the theme that authors use in each work and how that contributes to the meaning of the works.

I don't know if it helps but this is from Magical realism, so you can relate both works to that

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