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Title: Argumentative essay on the book Maggie A Girl of the Streets

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Essay Instructions: First Short Essay Assignment for Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, by Stephen Crane.

Due Oct, 20th.

The story Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, is a devastating portrait of the Johnson family, particularly the siblings Jimmie and Maggie, living in New York City’s Bowery during the late 19th century. First published by Crane himself in 1893, Maggie offers a naturalistic portrait of lower-class life in the immigrant neighborhood of New York’s lower east side.
While I hope you enjoyed Crane’s story, what we are more interested in here is what Crane’s story tells us about the conditions of those who lived in the Bowery during the late 19th century, and, by extension, all those living in lower- and working-class urban situations during this period. To that end, your assignment is to write – using Crane’s Maggie, and only Maggie, as evidence for your argument – a two-to-three page essay that answers the following questions:

What are the general outlines of Crane’s story Maggie: A Girl of the Streets? Who are the story’s main characters? What happens to them?
What are the general conditions in which the story is set? What are the conditions in which Jimmie, Maggie, and Pete lived? In which they worked? In which they played? What were the conditions that influenced the contours of their lives?
If you were an upper-class reformer, which problems associated with lower-class life in the Bowery would you try to address? How specifically did these problems effect the characters in Maggie? And how would you attempt to solve them?

When answering the above questions you might also keep in mind the following questions. What role did violence play? Alcohol? Religion? What role does environment play? How does the issue of class effect these characters? Ethnicity? Gender? What kinds of work is being done by these characters, or is available to them? What types of entertainment was available to these characters and how is that important?
Be sure to begin your essay with a strong thesis paragraph that tells me how you intend – specifically - to answer the questions.
You will need to provide evidence for your answers using specific information and this information needs to be footnoted using the Chicago Manual of Style format. I’ll provide a separate document on Blackboard to show you how this is to be done.
Be sure to use short essay format that I outlined in your syllabus. Papers must be typed, double-spaced, using a 10-12 inch font, with 1” margins. You must also have a cover page with your name, date, title, etc. Your name must not appear anywhere in the body of your essay.
Note that I’ve pushed back the due date of this essay. Remember too that your paper will receive a full letter deduction for every day your paper is late – no excuses!

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Title: Maggie A Girl of the Streets Stephen Crane

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Essay Instructions: read: "Maggie: A Girl of the Streets" by Stephen Crane

answer these questions in essay:
Consider the language Maggie uses to describe Pete. Why is she using words like this?
What is Pete really like? How does Crane use Maggie in this situation to represent determinism?

the story by Stephen Crane is the only source that can be used, several quotes need to be pulled to show examples, no plagiarism!

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Title: maggie a girl of the streets

Total Pages: 2 Words: 590 Bibliography: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Basically the paper has to be a literary analysis of the story Maggie a Girl of the Streets that includes literary terms such as character, imagery, setting, protagonist, etc using three specially character, imagery, and setting. using as source the story ONLY with quotations from the book, and no footnotes.

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Title: Social Issues in Cahan's Yekl and Crane's Maggie a Girl of the Streets or other

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2519 Sources: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Here are the assignment specifications:

7 pages/2100 words, 1-inch margins, double spaced, Times New Roman font, Works Cited page included

You may write on one of the suggested topics using at least TWO of the following works: James, The Bostonians; Cahan, Yekl; Crane, Maggie, a Girl of the Streets; Johnson, Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man; Chesnutt, "The Wife of his Youth."

Here are the suggested topics:

1. While the genres of realism, naturalism, and local color tend to overlap, they also draw upon other forms of narrative including romance and aestheticism, and popular genres such as melodrama and dime novels. They also point toward the emerging modernist literature of the period 1900-1940, a literature characterized by dramatic new experiments in form. Addressing two of the works from the list, discuss how these works begin to break the boundaries of the genres of realism, naturalism, and local color, and point toward other modes of writing, including popular genres and more experimental forms.

2. All of these works point toward important social concerns of the decades surrounding the turn of the century. These inter-related concerns included immigration, the status of women, poverty, and the "color line." Addressing two of the works from the list, discuss how they both present and comment upon these social issues.

I am fine with the writer writing on either of these topics and any combination of the above listed texts (as long as at least two texts are discussed, as per the instructions), but I did write an introduction and outline for the second topic using the books Yekl and Maggie, a Girl of the Streets, if the writer is interested in using them as a starting point. I will upload the intro/outline under Resources.

While I would like the majority of the evidence/quotations to come from the two texts selected, I ask that the writer cite two additional sources because both of these topics in essence call for outside material.

There are faxes for this order.

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