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Title: Madonna's sexuality

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Essay Instructions: 1page of Abstract
25-pages of research paper on Madonna.
Total is 26pages

All aspects of Madonna's sexuality, whatever you like and
wherever she exhibits it.

one of Madonna's greatest achievements is how she manipulated the media and the public with her music, her videos, her publicity, and her sexuality.

You could discuss How/Why Madonna chose that sexual image to pursue her career.

This paper is not to be a biography but might include biographical details.
Madonna has been around so long and so much has been written about her, that there is much to discuss.

The paper must include an annotated bibliography and MLA-style notes.
Proper citation is essential!

If your notes are not uniform, complete, and according to MLA (in-text citation) style, points will be deducted from your final paper.

I put 4sources in the number of sources section, but you will need more to write this paper, so use sources as many as you want, and put all the sources in the bibliography section.

If you have any question, please email me!

Thank you.

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Excerpt From Essay:


All about Madonna: Madonna Interview. 1 Oct. 2008

This is an insightful early article and includes interviews with Madonna in the 1980's; which sheds light not only on her life prior to fame but on the way that her early life may have influenced her attitude towards music and sexuality.

Domenech-Rodriguez, Melanie. Adolescent evaluation of gender role and sexual imagery in television advertisements. 1 Oct. 2008.

This is an overview and analysis of the way that sexuality and gender roles are portrayed in the modern media. The article refers only obliquely to Madonna but provides important background information and theory about the relationship between sexuality and the media.

Hirschorn, Michael. "Falling Stars: Can Celebrities Survive the Age of Too Much Information?." The Atlantic Monthly Nov. 2007: 171+. Questia. 1 Oct. 2008

This is a succinct but important article that interrogates and value and viability of Madonna's image and compares her career to the fall from grace of so many stars and celebrities. The main reason given for this view is that modern audiences have much greater access to data and information and that maintaining an image, especially if insincere, is much more difficult than in the past.

Lugo-Lugo, Carmen R. "The Madonna Experience: AU.S. Icon Awakens a Puerto Rican Adolescent's Feminist Consciousness." Frontiers - a Journal of Women's Studies 22.2 (2001): 118+. Questia. 1 Oct. 2008

This article explores aspects of the Madonna phenomenon in Puerto Rico by looking at her status as a public figure, and at how such status wielded influence over a group of teenage girls in Puerto Rico. It also explores Madonna as a liberating icon.

Madonna: A critical analysis. 1 Oct. 2008.

This is an insightful essay that refers to many of aspects of sexuality throughout Madonna's career. There essay is useful not only in term of the numerous references to sexuality in the music and other works, but also in its assessment of the function of sexuality.

Madonna's Crucifixion: Blasphemy or Inspiration? 1 Oct. 2008. short article that examines the controversy surrounding Madonna's use of religious symbolism in her concerts. The article tends to emphasize the underlying social and humanitarian aspects of this imagery.

Madonna, the master of reinvention. 1 Oct. 2008.

This is a very clear and succinct summary of the main points and issues in the Madonna's rise for fame from humble beginnings. The article also provides insight into the way that she has manipulated and used public issues in the 'reinvention' of her image and to enhance her career..

Madonna Turns 50. 1 Oct. 2008. short article that briefly reviews her rise to fame and some of the more questionable methods that she has used.

Meltzer, Robin. "Material Whirl." New Statesman 18 Sept. 2000: 45. Questia. 1 Oct. 2008

This is a very insightful article that reveals the manipulative and marketing side of Madonna. It also deals with her social views and her attempts to liberate women for restrictive social norms.

Religion: Marketing Tool for Popular Culture? 1 Oct. 2008. very short article with a few relevant pointers about Madonna.

The Sex Book. 1 Oct. 2008.

This is a fan site but provides a range of essential data and facts in a succinct and easy to read format. It is a very useful starting point for further research

Madonna's sexuality

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Title: Cimabues Madonna Enthroned

  • Total Pages: 3
  • Words: 845
  • Works Cited:0
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Be as precise and as clear as possible. The goal of the assignment is to practice concision, logic, and clarity of writing while sharpening your powers of observation. No research of any kind need be done for this assignment; no outside knowledge is sought. You need to describe it very clear without outside knowledge.

Much like the first assignment, closely study the image of Cimabue?s Madonna
Enthroned (illustration 13.16 on page 449 in the book and on the web: In addition to describing
the image in as much detail as appropriate, also consider the structure of the painting: how it is organized and how the elements of the painting work with (or against) that organization

Spell check and proofread. Note: proofreading means reading through the work, making sure sentences are coherent, logically organized, and in the right place. It is a different process than spell checking, an equally important task.
Grammar and spelling count; no matter how good an idea is, badly presented, it is not persuasive.

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Excerpt From Essay:
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Title: Madonna with the Child Reading

  • Total Pages: 3
  • Words: 941
  • Bibliography:3
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Please write and analyize on the painting, Madonna with the Child Reading, 1433. Jan Van Eyck.

This paper should include documented research about the artist, the painting, and the style. The following issues and components which are releveant: iconography, medium, style, line, form, color, balance, light and shadow, balance,perspective, texture, proportion, interesting historical background and any other relevant topics.

Cites can include online museums and sources...

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Haber, J. (2007). The death of the symbol. Haber's Art Reviews. Online

Hughes, R. (2006). Jan van Eyck. The Complete Paintings of the Van

Jolly, P.H. (1998). Jan van Eych's Italian Pilgrimage: A miraculous
Florentine Annunciation and the Ghent Alterpiece. Zeitschrift fur
Kunstgeschichte, 61(3), 369-394.

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Title: Art

  • Total Pages: 1
  • Words: 346
  • Sources:0
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: discuss one work of art in depth, evaluate art, [discuss the] materials used, style, meaning, symbolism, and any other aesthetic issues concerning the art chosen. Explain how the work of art fits into the context of the time period.

The piece of art is:

Madonna of the Stairs at website:

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Excerpt From Essay:


Art History. "Michelangelo."

Brunskill, Joan. "Michelangelo, Renaissance Master of all Time."

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