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Title: Use Microsoft Word Times New Roman 12pt font 500 words including references Do 500 words Use APA 6th edition citations references A full letter grade deduction ignoring Serious grammatical spelling punctuation technical errors lead letter grades

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Essay Instructions: - Use Microsoft Word. Times New Roman 12pt font
- 500 words (not including references). Do not go over 500 words.
- Use APA 6th edition for citations and references. A full letter grade deduction for ignoring this.
- Serious grammatical, spelling, punctuation, or other technical errors could lead to one or more letter grades off. Edit!

- Integrate that material to address your topic.
- No wikipedia.
- The sky is the limit!..

Topic: How is China's outlook on the world different than America's (economically, politically)?

Include in writing:
- Why do we American's own so few Made in America products and so many Made in China products?
- What amount of $ does the U.S. send China annually in foreign aid?
- How much is the U.S. trade deficit with China?
- Do we violate our core principles by doing business with a country that allows practices like child labor, slavery, and trademark piracy that are illegal in America?
- What could happen in the next 50 years if nothing changes? Should anything change?

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Ho, C., & Redfern, K.. (2010). Consideration of the Role of Guanxi in the Ethical Judgments of Chinese Managers. Journal of Business Ethics, 96(2), 207-221.

M Islam, & M. Gowing. (2003). Some empirical evidence of Chinese accounting system and business management practices from an ethical perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 42(4), 353-378.

Lawrence, W., & Sun, W.. (2010). A Cluster Approach towards Enhancing Chinese- American Trade Opportunities. International Journal of Business and Management, 5(2), 44-51.

Pennington, M. (2011, November 15). Lawmakers scrutinize u.s. foreign aid to china. Washington Times. Retrieved from

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Title: WeatherTech company

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Essay Instructions: I am working on a project with a partner regarding the WeatherTech commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. Its called "You cant do that" I will be starting the presentation off with the commercial and an interview with the owner ( David McNeil) then I need to speak for 5-10 min explaining why I would like to buy into this company, such as buying stock and investing. I believe it is a private company but am not sure. I picked this company due to everything they make and use is made in America and I have some of there products and they are great. After I speak my partner is going to say why he would not, then we both end it as we agree on purchasing into this company.I am just stuck on my beginning portion. Please watch the commercial so you know what i will be presenting.
thank you

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Source Consulted

WeatherTech. (2014). Homepage. Retrieved online:

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