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Title: macroeconomics analyze a newspaper or magazine article

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Essay Instructions: Macroeconomics 2100:
You will be required to analyze a newspaper or magazine article related to the concepts and theories of macroeconomics that is covered in your text. The article must be current (2009 ~ Present) and from a reputable magazine or newspaper.

Each analysis will be graded on:

1. Quality of analysis of each article;
2. Selection of article and how well it demonstrates
macroeconomic concept(s);
3. Organization, originality and creativity.
4. Your grade will be based on the richness of your analysis and the power of your argument. Try to make every sentence count.
5. There should be a logical flow of ideas and be sure to either use quotation marks or cite the source if the words are not yours.

The analysis of each article should:

1. Indicate the specific concept(s) discussed in the article;
2. Completely explain the concept(s);
3. Analyze and explain how the article demonstrates
the macroeconomic concept(s).
4. Look for opportunities to show your understanding of the concepts and theories.
5. Be precise and focus on what is most important.

We have only covered basic Macroeconomics Theories:
-Nature of Economics
-Demand and Supply
-Extensions of demand and supply analysis
-Public spending and Public Choice
-Funding Public Sector
-Macroeconomy:Unemployment and Inflation
-Measuring the Economy's performance
-Global economic Growth and Development
-Real GDP, and price level in the long run
-Classical and Keynesian macro Analysis
-Consumption, Real GDP, and the Multiplier

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Essay Instructions: Macroeconomics Essay:
The economy is in a deep recession - GDP is contracting, unemployment is high, perhaps even some of the people you know are unemployed, the government has made it clear that it will not intervene; given these circumstances in the economy, under what conditions would the economy be able to move back to full employment?
Explain your answer with the help of the aggregate demand - aggregate supply model.
Please Draw a graph that represents your answer.
Please the last sentence of your introductory paragraph should be the thesis statement Highlight your thesis statement or bold it.

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Essay Instructions: Macroeconomics paper

Your papers should be clearly stated so that a reader unversed in economics would understand the material. (Have someone who is unfamiliar with economics proof read your paper and explain to you the main point of your paper.) Convince the reader that he point you are making is correct.

Format: paper should be about 2 pages (stapled), double spaced, and must be typed. No cover pages, binders or folders please. Put your name at the top of the first page.

Paper Topics

Our government provides many goods and services, e.g. Police, national defense, and roads, but most goods and services are provided by the private sector e.g. cars, food, etc. In recent years most stadiums (e.g. the new football stadium, Safeco Field, and the Seattle Coliseum) have been provided by city and /or county governments.

Develop a consistent criteria for when the government should not produce goods and services. Think of how capitalism decides what not to produce. How does your criteria relate to stadiums and indoor ski hills? Should the government or the private sector provide them? Address who pays the cost of the item it it?s produced by the government and if it?s produced by the private sector. Is it the user of the item? Address economic efficiency; is the right amount produced, i.e. are we at the optimal point on the PPC or is too much or tool little of the item produced.

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Title: This a research essay Macroeconomics maximum 1200 words I email outline detail essay

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Essay Instructions: This is a research essay for Macroeconomics, maximum 1200 words. I will email the outline and detail to the essay.

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