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Title: This formal paper 800 1000 words It cite quote credible interesting sources including poems song lyrics a Works Cited page required paper In song lyrics equivalent poetry Please select song lyrics analyze terms literary construction prosody rhyme schemes patterns metaphors personification

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Essay Instructions: This formal paper must be between 800 and 1000 words. It must cite to and quote from credible, interesting sources (including poems or song lyrics); therefore, a Works Cited page is required for this paper.

*? In what way are song lyrics equivalent to poetry?or are they? Please select one or two song lyrics and analyze them in terms of their literary construction (prosody, rhyme schemes or patterns, metaphors, personification, etc.?whichever of our Terms to Know fit the lyrics you are analyzing for us). Are lyrics a distinctly different creation from poetry? If so, how so? If not, how not?

** MLA Heading.

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A mulatto, an albino,

A mosquito, my libido (Nirvana, 1991)

Again, the sense of menace that we get from the load of guns in the first line recurs in the sense that something "dangerous" might be happening at the party. But it is clear that we are now talking about a sexual, rather than a violent, situation because the lights are out. Nonetheless, anything sexual seems to be contradicted by the sense of a social group: "Here we are now, entertain us" gets repeated twice. This dispels any sense that, if a sexual encounter is indeed being described, there would be any intimacy or tenderness. Instead, this is teen sex dictated by peer pressure and conformity. Considering that Cobain was writing this song at the height of the AIDS crisis, and of grim warnings

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Title: Reviewing writing basics and analyzing poetry

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Objective
Using two outside sources of biographical background,
develop a 1,000- to 1,500-word paper analyzing the following
literary devices as demonstrated in the lyrics of a song: irony,
metaphor, personification, simile, and/or symbolism.

Choose a meaningful song you frequently think about or hum
to yourself. Besides the music and beat, what makes particular
words stand out? Because of your experiences, the way you
interpret and take meaning from the song will be different
from others. It may even be different from what the song-
writer intended when choosing certain word combinations
to create an evocative, memorable experience. The same can
be said of the person who chose those lyrics to sing.
Using your choice of song, analyze the type and the effective-
ness of the literary devices used by the songwriter: irony,
metaphor, personification, simile, and/or symbolism. Apply
that analysis to explain the structure and meaning of the
song. Incorporate related biographical or autobiographical
information about the writer to provide further insight into
the meaning of the song. You must use a total of three
sources for this assignment: the song and two sources with
biographical information.

To express ideas and inform readers about the meaning of
one song based on its literary devices and applicable biogra-
phical information of the songwriter

Choose a song that you like because the words are memorable
and meaningful to you. Copy the lyrics into a Word document,
provide the citation information in MLA format, and then
write a paragraph of five to eight sentences explaining why
you?ve chosen it. This represents the first part of your assign-
ment but isn?t part of the word count.
Start on page 705, ?Generating Ideas,? and work through
the steps for analyzing a poem, which you apply to the song
lyrics you?ve chosen. Use the knowledge you?ve gained about
poetic literary devices to analyze and explain the use of irony,
metaphor, personification, simile, and/or symbolism in the
song you?ve chosen. Stop at the bottom of page 708 after
completing a rough organizational plan for your analysis.
Don?t conduct any research at this point.
Judiciously choose the most suitable phrases from the song
to illustrate the poetic elements you?ve identified. Be sure
that you use the correct MLA format for quotes from poems
(including any line breaks). Since this is your primary source,
you don?t have to provide parenthetical citations each time
you quote, paraphrase, or summarize the song, but provide
line or stanza indicators as needed to guide your readers.
Although the primary purpose of your paper is to analyze the
literary elements of the song lyrics, you must also incorporate
some biographical background about the writer related to the
meaning the artist intended for the song. First, search for
primary sources: What has the songwriter written about the
song? Then seek biographies of the lyricist you?ve chosen
(secondary sources). Investigate several different sources to
educate yourself about the songwriter.

Choose five sources that provided the most insight for you
into both the meaning of the song and the use of the literary
elements you?ve identified. Prepare an annotated bibliography
of those five sources (see pages 607?608). Each annotation
must contain two to four sentences explaining not only what
the source covered in relation to the song and/or writer, but
also what you found most interesting or unusual about the
information provided. (The annotated bibliography isn?t part
of the word count.) However, you?ll use information from only
two of your five sources for the actual paper.
Return to your organizational plan and look for places to
incorporate the illustrations you chose from the song and
relevant, reliable information from your two research sources.
This biographical support, as well as the direct quotations
from the song, must be appropriately incorporated into the
paper with MLA in-text citations and explanation.
Continue with the ?Guided Writing Assignment,? pages 709?712.
Use the third-person point of view for this academic essay.
Review your textbook as needed to apply appropriate writing
skills as you prewrite, research, and develop your essay. In
addition, ensure that your work displays good writing traits
and represents the characteristics described on the Course
Rubric (see Appendix).
Prepare the final draft of this research paper according to
the exam submission format assigned in the introductory
instructions of this guide. Be sure the paper itself meets the
word-count requirements. Place all required work in the same
document and in the following order, beginning a new page
for each part:
The lyrics for the song, your reasons for choosing it, and
the source information
The actual research paper
MLA Works Cited page (three sources used in the
paper?the song and two research sources)
Annotated MLA Bibliography of four research sources

Written examinations must be typed, double-spaced, using a standard 12-point font and left justification. Use 1-inch margins at the top and bottom and 1.25-inch margins for the left and right
sides of the document.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Glasser, Linda. "Student's Hip Hop Hit Hot." Cornell University, 2011. Web. 25 Feb. 2014

Kreps, Daniel. "B.O.B. Owes." Yahoo Music, 2011. Web. 25 Feb. 2014

Seidman, Lacy. "TI and BOB." Billboard, 2012. Web. 25 Feb. 2014

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Title: Please answer questions based Boston Opera case study 1 The Boston Lyric Opera working group selected customer objectives strategic themes bulleted items pages 5 7 case summarized Cus tomer row Exhibit 5

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following questions based on the Boston Opera case study.
1. The Boston Lyric Opera working group has selected eight customer objectives for its three strategic themes (see the bulleted items on pages 5-7 of the case, also summarized in the Cus-tomer row of Exhibit 5).
a. Develop loyal and generous supporters
b. Build Reputation on the national and international opera scene
c. Reach the Boston-area community.
What measures (specific metrics) should the project team select for these eight objectives?
2. What changes were required to adapt the Balanced Scorecard to a non-profit organization?
3. What are the benefits from developing a Balanced Scorecard at BLO? What challenges and barriers must Del Sesto and Dahling Sullivan overcome to capture these benefits?
4. Are the department managers, artistic leaders, and employees at the BLO more or less empo-wered after the Balanced Scorecard has been created?
5. Is Janice Del Sesto using the Balanced Scorecard as a performance measurement system or a management system?
6. What do you think of the process that the BLO used to develop the Balanced Scorecard? What was critical for the success of the project?

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Excerpt From Essay:
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Title: Charles Ives Songs and Their Lyrics

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Songs- 1.Charlie Rutlage
Lyrics: Another good cowpuncher has gone to meet his fate. I hope he"ll find a resting place, within the golden gate. Another place is vacant on the ranch of the XIT; 'Twill be hard to find another that's liked as well as he. The first that died was Kid white, a man both tough and brace, while Charlie Rutlage makes the third to be sent to his grave, caused a cow horse falling, while running after stock. 'Twas on the spring roundup, a place where death men mock, he went forward one morning on a circle through the hills, he was gay and full of glee and free from earthly ills, but when it came to finish up the work on which he went, nothing came back from him, his time on earth was spent. 'Twas as he rode the roundup, an XIT turned back the herd, poor Charlie shoved him in again, his cutting horse he spurred another turned, at that moment his horse the creature spied and turned and gell with him-beneath poor Charlie died. His relations in Texas his face nevermore will see, but I hope he'll meet his loved ones in eternity. I hope he'll meet his parents, will meet them face to face, and that they'll grasp him by the right hand at the shining throne of grace.
2. Soliloquy
Lyrics: When a man is sitting before the fire on the hearth, he says "Nature is a simple affair." Then he looks out the window and sees a hailstorm, and he begins to think that "Nature can't be so easily disposed of!"

In your own opinion and in your own words, What is each of these song texts about? What are the important ideas in each and how does Ives choose to set them to music? How does he musically bring out the meaning of the words? Discuss how both the voice and the piano are used in this regard. Does Ives give new or unexpected meaning to the lyrics by the way he sets them to music? Give specific examples to support your conclusions. THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER. The ideas you present should be your own, present in your own words, and not be taken from other sources.

Do not source anything, Must be in own opinion!!

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Excerpt From Essay:
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