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Instructions for Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock College Essay Examples

Title: poem analysis

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Essay Instructions: write a 3 page poetry explication of T.S. Eliots "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock".

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Title: analysis of Prufrock

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Essay Instructions: Paper should evaluate stories. Please read these three stories and pick one, which has the most off track anaylsis in your view and write why you disagree with anaylsis that they made in a story. Write your own anaylsis of a story. For example, If a story anaylzed love as "endless" and you disagree with that then you can write your own anaylsis of love. you must show where they gone off track.
Stories : Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock", From "How Old Is Prufrock? Does He want to Get Married?" and Prufrock's Road to Love Is Paved with Irony.
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Essay Instructions: TASK: Essay

Examine the poem 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S Eliot, a writer who is widely regarded as one of the key figures in the Modernist Movement.
Consider some of the key ideas expressed in this poetry. Consider also the relationship between these ideas and the socio-cultural/historical context in which the poetry was constructed.


o The socio-cultural context in which "The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock" was constructed (in this case Modernist poetry)
o The way/s various groups, individuals and concepts have been represented in the poem
o The cultural assumptions, values, beliefs and attitudes which underpin the poem
o The various generic, linguistic, structural, technical choices which have been made by T.S Eliot in the poem "The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
And insightful recognition of the genre patterns and conventions of poetry

Introduction (1st paragraph): Context of poem and poet
Body: Each paragraph must discus a representation or theme in the poem using examples
Each body paragraph must contain either a cultural assumption, value, belief or attitude which underpin the poem

Example: The essay could discuss the representations foregrounded by the main character (Prufrock) and be in chronological order from stanza to stanza

STANDARD: The task must be written in Essay form for a Year 12 Assignment
Sophisticated and extensive vocabulary must be used.
Direct quotes and examples from the text should be used

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Title: Pick a topic and essays from list

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1845 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: You will write a 1,250-word essay. I will grade this essay on writing mechanics as well as content, so you should pay attention to those matters. You will find the topics listed below.

Essays should be comprised of detail/example-filled paragraphs. Make certain that you answer the question posed in the assignment; keep your essay objective, and do not wander to tangential topics. Each essay should contain a thesis sentence. Use quotes sparingly. Because your assignment is not a research paper, make absolutely no reference to secondary sources. Avoid making biographical speculations about the authors unless you are writing about autobiographies or personal histories; avoid speculation over how their lives might have shaped work that is not autobiographical. Unnecessarily extensive plot summary will adversely affect the grade your essay earns. Finally, all assertions should be substantiated by evidence from the texts.

Write a comparison/contrast essay incorporating any two class reading assignments (Listed Below). You may not write about two works by the same author. Make certain that you carefully choose works that address the subject area you choose to write about.

Choose any one of the following topic areas. Get all of your examples from the literature--do not make vague assumptions about the social milieu of the works' settings. For example, if you choose to write about characterizations of the danger of uninhibited sexuality in Streetcar Named Desire, do not make general statements about southern American sexual mores of the early twentieth century; instead, pay attention to how the play depicts, for example, the tendency to categorize women as ?clean/unclean,? the intolerance of homosexuality, and the acceptance of sexuality as a social equalizer. Rather than offering vague commentary, you should develop a specific argument substantiated by the specific texts at hand.

Topics for essays:

Perceptions of the supernatural?s active role in the lives of people

How pregnancy affects romantic relationships

Marriage as distribution of property

Dangers of unexamined tradition

The harm of mob mentality

Social ?invisibility?

Economic castes and qualities associated with them

The civilizing influence of women

Exploitation of one?s own race

Sense of historic relevance of what has been written

Determining a sense of values

List of Reading assignments to choose from (pick two to compare/contrast):

*American Manners

JAMES: ?The Real Thing,? ?The Beast in the Jungle? (1539-86)

CRANE: ?The Open Boat,? ?The Blue Hotel? (1721-57)

CATHER: ?Neighbor Rosicky? (1843-63).

*Early Twentieth Century Poets

ROBINSON: ?Luke Havergal,? ?Richard Cory? (1837-38), ?Mr. Flood?s Party? (1839-41)

LOWELL: ?The Captured Goddess? (1874-75), ?Madonna of the Evening Flowers? (1876)

FROST: ?Mending Wall,? ?The Death of the Hired Man? (1880-85), ?Birches,? ??Out, Out?? (1888-90), ?Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening? (1891)

SANDBURG: ?Chicago,? ?Fog,? ?Grass? (1917-18).

STEVENS: ?A High-Toned Christian Woman,? ?The Emperor of Ice-Cream,? ?Disillusionment of Ten o?Clock? (1921-22), ?Anecdote of the Jar? (1926), ?Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird? (1928-29).

WILLIAMS: ?The Young Housewife? (1935), ?Spring and All? (1937-38), ?Landscape with the Fall of Icarus? (1944-45)

*Modernity in American Poetry

POUND: ?Portrait d?une Femme,? ?A Pact? (1948-49), ?The River-Merchant?s Wife: A Letter? (1949-50)

H. D.: ?Mid-Day? (1955-56), ?Helen? (1956-57)

JEFFERS: ?To the Stone-Cutters,? ?Shine, Perishing Republic,? ?Carmel Point? (1964-65)

MOORE: ?Poetry,? ?The Paper Nautilus? (1968-69)

ELIOT: ?The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock? (1975-79), The Waste Land, ?The Hollow Men? (1981-97).

MILLAY: ?Recuerdo? (2109-10), ?Apostrophe to Man,? ?In the Grave No Flower? (2110-11)

*The Harlem Renaissance

MCKAY: ?Harlem Shadows,? ?America,? ?If We Must Die? (2085-86)

HURSTON: ?The Gilded Six-Bits,? ?How It Feels to Be Colored Me? (2100-11)

TOOMER: from Cane (2120-25)

HUGHES: ?The Negro Speaks of Rivers? (2227), ?I, Too,? ?Mulatto,? ?Song for a Dark Girl,? ?Silhouette? (2228-30), ?Note on Commercial Theatre? (2231)

CULLEN: ?Yet Do I Marvel,? ?Incident,? ?Heritage? (2245-49)

*Masters of Mid-Century Fiction

ANDERSON: ?Mother,? ??Queer?? (1905-16)

FITZGERALD: ?Babylon Revisited? (2143-57)

FAULKNER: ?That Evening Sun,? ?Barn Burning? (2166-90)

HEMINGWAY: ?The Snows of Kilimanjaro? (2209-25)

STEINBECK: from The Grapes of Wrath (2238-44)

*Defining Humanity in Mid-Century Fiction

WRIGHT: ?The Man Who Was almost a Man? (2257-65).

WELTY: ?Petrified Man? (2289-98)

WASHINGTON: from Up from Slavery (1622-30)

ELLISON: from Invisible Man (2374-84).

O?CONNOR: ?Good Country People? (2428-41).

*A Streetcar Named Desire

WILLIAMS: A Streetcar Named Desire (2301-63)

*Examining Love and Belonging

ROTH: ?Defender of the Faith? (2481-2503)

WALKER: ?Everyday Use? (2581-87).

MORRISON: ?Recitatif? (2457-70)

ROETHKE: ?My Papa?s Waltz,? ?Night Crow,? ?I Knew a Woman? (2640-41)

BISHOP: ?The Fish? (2650-51), ?In the Waiting Room? (2656-58)

JARRELL: ?The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner? (2671)

BROOKS. ?the mother? (2698-99)

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