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Title: Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine

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Essay Instructions: Make a claim about the connectiuon between food and conflict in the novel "Love Medicine" by Louise Erdrich, then support the claim with evidence from the book and personal analysis and interpretation. Include quotes form the book (sparingly). The book should be the primary source for the paper. Two critical papers about the book (one related to the topic of the connection between food and conflict) should be used as secondary sources.

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Title: Critical book essay Book information Love medicine Louise erdrich Detail prompt uploaded files message room

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Essay Instructions: Critical book essay

Book information

Love medicine by Louise erdrich.

Detail prompt will be given soon.. via uploaded files and message room

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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: This is a college level paper with five sources. It is a compare and contrast paper on Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolfe and Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich. It should be ONE specific topic, for example it can compare on contrast one aspect such as sexuality,government aspects, one character, characterization,or identity and duality. Like I indicated is should be in a compare and contrast format of both novels. It should cite sources which should be recongnized in the body of the paper. These sources should be mostly from peer reviews. The language and structure should be mature. Their should be a clear strong thesis and topic sentences with the theme consistently running throughout the piece. It should be in third person point of view. This should not be a review but a thoughful analysis of both books. To make the piece interesting please remember to put several quotes and paranthetical citations. It should have a separte works cited sheet. If you have any questions, please email me asap.

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Title: multiculture american literature

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Essay Instructions: This paper includes Three books; The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston, Bone by Fae Ng, Love Medicine by Louise Endrich.
** please remember to select from the text key scenes and passages to which you responses strongly.***

Question. ( Choose One)
- Discuss the ways in which the cultural dimensions of family relationships are explored in these texts. For instance, you may wish to discuss the mother/daughter relationship in Kingston’s The Woman Warrior, and the family dynamics in Bone by Ng, and Love Medicine by Louise.

- In these texts each protagonist is forced to confront troubling aspects of their lives. Kingston explores her conflict with her culture; Ng explores her characters responses to Ona’s suicide; and Edrich’s characters deal with their inner wounds. Discuss the role that culture plays in the resolution of these and other characters’ inner battles

****Please use details from the text and be specific. Also, please try not to be too broad. Need to be specific and need to be in details. Narrow it down as much as possible please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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