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Title: love

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Essay Instructions: Love motivates people to do more or be more. Discuss the concept of love, and why humans are so concerned and preoccupied with this elusive emotional state.

Read "The history of Love" by Nicole Krauss( No need to read the whole book, just read the summary will be fine, there are many sources such as study guide about this book available online, maybe i will try to send you one), love is a chief concern to all of the parties in the book. Alma is consumed by her mother's love life, Leo is destined to be sad and pathetic without his beloved, even Bird wants Alma to feel the love of her "father". (We can just focus on one of these main characters, maybe Leo or Alma)

Utilize 2-3 quotes from the book.

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Title: Love's Executioner Reaction Paper

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Essay Instructions: "Love's Executioner" Reaction Paper:
Irvin Yalom is a celebrated therapist and author, who utilises existential therapy as the basis for his counselling interventions. In his most well-known book, he discusses ten cases, often with startling insight into both his clients, and himself.
In this assignment, you will be assigned one chapter (Chapter 1: "Love?s Executioner") to read that hasn?t been discussed in your tutorials. You should also read the prologue of the book.

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Title: Antropology

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Essay Instructions: Love Medicine (P.S.) by
Louise Erdrich

I need a short paper summarizing this book and then relating it to Cultural Anthropology. What types of things in cultural anthropology may help you better understand this book and in reverse what things in this book may help you understand cultural anthropology.

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Title: Love in Symposium

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Essay Instructions: Love: Using either Symposium, Antigone, Confessions, or Virgil’s Aeneid, consider the following question??"What is the nature of love? How do we understand the nature of love? Is love a higher law and, if so, what law(s) does love stand above?

Use only Plato's The Symposium (published by Penguin Classics, ISBN 978-0-14-044927-3) for quotes etc.

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