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Essay Instructions: Logic Model Assignment: The papers should be double spaced, 12 point font, Times Romans, and formatted according to an accepted APA style guide. After you read Chapter 4, develop a logic model of the MPA program. First, create a table based on Table. 4.1 that specifically lists the performance components of the program (this table should appear in an appendix not in the body of your essay). Be specific. Second, write an essay that incorporates your answers to the following questions (please use the 4 questions as topic heading:
1. Why are each of these components valuable?
2. Which components are not valuable? Again, be specific.
3. How do these components relate to each other in a logical fashion? Do any not relate in a logical fashion?
4. How would you measure the efficiency of the program, which variables, and which types of variables?
See note on being specific. Explain in detail using the proper research methods terms from Berman and Wang. (3 pages not including appendix)
Full citation and bibliographies are due for all assignments if you use outside sources to support your writing. Your bibliography should follow the written portion of your assignment as an appendix and does not count toward your page limit/minimum. Please use one other citation beside the book chapter for a total of 2 reference used.

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Title: Not For Profit Mgt

Total Pages: 1 Words: 315 Sources: 2 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:

Describe the Logic Model for the organization selected for review and study.
Analyze the measures employed in a nonprofit organization and their relationship to providing quality outcomes.
Differentiate between the activities and the outputs and outcomes of an organization or program.
Demonstrate quality academic writing skills including use of APA style and accurate grammar and punctuation.

Logic Model: Draft in Unit 4, Final Draft in Unit 5, and included in Final Project in Unit 10
Completing a logic model for your program is the first step in understanding how the program was developed, the implications for evaluating its effectiveness, and the information you will need to justify its existence as worthy of philanthropic support. In many cases, nonprofit leaders and managers get so involved in providing activities for their clients that they forget that the changes in people's lives (outcomes) are the important results of their work. As you complete the logic model, use the Logic Model template under Resources to gather information about your selected program for use in your presentation. Be sure to submit the Logic Model template with the assignment.

Investigate the measurement system extant in the organization and analyze those methods to determine their emphasis based on an understanding of the logic model and evaluation protocols. Find out whether they are input, process, output, or outcome measures. Inquire about changes in activities or programming based on the systematic review of measures or other evaluation protocols. Determine who reviews the measures and why. Recommend at least two measures and a process for capture of those measures that will enhance the ability of the organization to accomplish its mission and provide a positive impact on the lives of its clients.

Develop a logic model and a measurement plan for the organization or a selected major program of the organization. Use PowerPoint to develop a presentation that will demonstrate how the organization goes about bringing change in people's lives. The presentation is intended to leave the viewer with a complete and thorough understanding of the program you have selected. This should be at least 12 to 15 slides and include measures for each of the major components of a simple logic model (inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes). Pictures, graphic representations, stories, et cetera, that will make the organization come alive are also important.

The presentation should demonstrate the important ingredients that go into (inputs) the activities you provide for your clients. It will then demonstrate how those activities are counted (outputs) and how they impact the lives of people and the community on a short- or long-term basis. If helpful, you can imagine the viewer to be a new board member of your organization, a prospective funder, or a group of interested community members.

PowerPoint Tutorials are available for you under Resources in preparation to complete the Logic Model.

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Title: Questions and answers in APA format

Total Pages: 2 Words: 550 References: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I know that the references are not documented correctly, please adjust.
Below is the exact questions with the answer format that I need to have answered.
At the end of the questions I will need a "journal" type of entry that sums what was learned from the material (life experiences, things going on in the world today are encourgaged) in the questions and answers. The ''journal'' entry just needs to be about 200 words (I figured that this would be the secone page). I will need these kinds of services once a week for the next 11 weeks, so having the same person do this, may help. Just ever so thankful for you guys. I could never be able to work full time, be a mom, and attend school full time without you guys! If at you need anything, please contact me directly at (865) 414-7416. Thanks again!

Q1. Take one of the examples on pp. 50-53 and paraphrase it to show its underlying structure. Does the paraphrase help you to follow the argument? Do you find it necessary to make any unstated premises explicit?

(Below is the example from Q1 and the reference information)

A1. Why decry the wealth gap? First, inequality is correlated with political instability. Second, inequality is correlated with violent crime. Third, economic inequality is correlated with reduced life expectancy. A fourth reason? Simple justice. There is no moral justification for chief executives being paid hundreds of times more than ordinary employees.

-Richard Hutchinsons, “When the Rich Get Even Richer,”
The New York Times, 26 January 2000

Printed in: Copi, Irving M. and Cohen, Carl (2009). Introduction to Logic. 13th Edition. New Jersey, Prentice Hall. (Page 51)

Q2. Find an argument in the newspaper on a topic of interest. Identify the premises and conclusion and diagram the argument. Share your diagram with your fellow learners.


Q3. What are the three basic functions of language? Give a sentence as an example of each.


Q4. Identify one disagreement in current political or social debate that is genuine, one that is merely verbal, and one that is apparently verbal, but really genuine (if you cannot come up with all three, adapt one of the examples you do up come up with to fit the definition). How do these disagreements differ?


Q5. Give an example of an extensive definition, an ostensive definition, and a quasi-ostensive definition. What are the limitations of each type of definition?


Questions must be answered below each question as noted and must be in APA format with references:

All questions are from the text book: Copi, Irving M. and Cohen, Carl (2009). Introduction to Logic. 13th Edition. New Jersey, Prentice Hall.


Copi, Irving M. and Cohen, Carl (2009). Introduction to Logic. 13th Edition. New Jersey, Prentice Hall.

-Richard Hutchinsons, “When the Rich Get Even Richer,”
The New York Times, 26 January 2000

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Title: Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Manufacturing Processes

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2392 Works Cited: 8 Citation Style: IEEE Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: +The term paper must reflect a very good understanding of the problem addressed. It
should be well organized and represent graduate quality work. It should be similar to a
paper in a high-quality refereed journal.
+Use graphs, figures, and tables if needed.
+ List your references.
+ Please submit your paper typed and double-spaced. Please use 12 point Arial font.

Term Paper Outline
Topic: Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Manufacturing Processes
Among the many new technologies based on artificial intelligence, Fuzzy Logic Control System is the most popular and most applicable system.. Almost in all domains, Fuzzy logic has a broad application area. It is safe to say that we can replace all control based systems by Fuzzy Logic Control System. There may be no need if it is a easy control system which means if it works good with PID control system. But for more complicated control systems, Fuzzy Logic Control System can be the best way to use. FLCS finds a big chance in commercial appliances. Specially in heat control and climate systems. FLCS is used to control the heating and cooling in these kinds of systems by fuzzy Logic thermostats. FLCS is also used in industrial automation.
This paper will discuss Fuzzy Logic Based Control of Manufacturing Processes and the application areas of Fuzzy Logic Control System will be briefly explained and then the usage of FLCS in manufacturing processes will be introduced and its implementation will be discussed and explained. FLCS will be compared with other control systems and and advantages&disadvantages which are coming with application of FLCS will be compared and contrasted. Some case studies will be introduces.
The paper will describe the Fuzzy Logic Control System, its principle of operation and implementation into control-based manufacturing systems. The applications, the volume and the benefits of FLCS that can translate expert system rules to establish control parameters will be discussed.

*****You can add more details to the paper. It is up to you. Thank you very much
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