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Essay Instructions: This is an essay regarding intertextuality, and comparing the Little Red Riding Hood Stories of Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, and the 2005 movie Hard Candy by David Slade. Is should focus on the idea of intertextuality, the idea that texts borrow and steal from earlier texts. How was the story adapted to fit the culture and time of each writer. What remains static in the stories, and what changes? Why did they keep or drop certain things? Was the story changed from a tragedy to a comedy, what do each of these stories suggest, and how can the be interpreted. What do the writers consider noble or good? What is evil and depraved? Who are we meant to identify with in the stories? Do any of these qualities change from one version to another?

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Title: Little Red Riding Hood and Little Red Cap Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Read the following short fairy tales: “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault and “Little Red Cap” by the Grimm Brother’s. These stories can be found on Write an essay of at least 3 full pages of text in which you compare and contrast Charles Perrault’s “Little Red Riding Hood” and the Grimm Brother’s “Little Red Cap.” In the body of your essay you must identify at least 3 major elements that the stories have in common and then show how they are similar and/or different. For example, you might identify an element such as the meeting with the wolf and discuss how each story handles this element.

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Title: Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale Retelling

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Essay Instructions: 1. After reading several versions of Little Red Riding Hood, write a personal narrative ("I" perspective)through the eyes of Little Red herself to retell the favorite Grimm's Fairy Tale.
2. Depending on where Red enters the traditional tale, you may need to invent some other characters or additional plot lines to include all pertinent plot details from Red's perspective.
3. You may insert purposeful anachronisms for humor, but the story should still be set in medieval or "fairy tale" time.
4. Try to balance active scenes filled with dialogue and descriptive narration to paint verbal pictures for the reader.
5. Synesthesia: Place at least two examples of this in the story.
6. Motifs: 3-4 motifs should be included in the story.

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Title: Remake of Little Red Riding hood

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Essay Instructions: A classic re-make of the story Little red Riding Hood but not using the same names. Has to be a narrative story. Along with a Dialogue. Also include a package that has to be sent from one place to another. Use the word red as a name. This story must include a innocent person, a monster, a sender, a hero, and a needed person.

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