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Title: Crime

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Essay Instructions: Literature Review

For this assignment, you will be writing the first draft of the beginning of your research paper by writing an introduction to the paper and a literature review.

1. You may need to find alternate articles related to “crime & halting rising crime rate.”

2. Read carefully the FIVE articles you settle on for the paper. PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION to the ABSTRACT, the INTRODUCTON, and the SUMMARY or CONCLUSIONS. You may not understand all of the statistical results in the articles you choose, but try to get the gist of what the author is saying.

3. Write the introduction to the paper. You should describe the basic research question (topic) you are investigating, your hypothesis, your variables (independent, dependent, and control), the theoretical perspective guiding your research, and the structure of the paper.

4. Aristotle, expand on what you wrote in the draft of your introduction for Abstracts and Introduction Order ID: A2105887 (I will send as a resource)

5. Explain the reasoning behind your hypothesis.

6. Write a summary of what the five articles say about the research question and the hypothesis you are investigating. For each article you should discuss:

a. The research question

b. The research design (method of data collection, sample information, type of analysis)

c. The research findings and conclusions

There are two basic ways of organizing your information: by article or by sub topic.

In the first, you summarize what author A has to say on the subject, then move on to author B, and so forth. Or, you could summarize authors A, B, C, D, and E on sub topic 1 (for example, how they measure the dependent variable you are interested in), then all their statements on sub topic 2, etc. Either way, try to make smooth transitions from one author or sub topic to the next.

7. Finally, write a concluding paragraph for this part of your paper that SUMMARIZES the findings of all five articles and discusses how the literature relates to your hypothesis. Your integrated literature review should:

a. Summarize prior research

b. Critique prior research

c. Present pertinent conclusions

8. The literature review MUST BE in your own words and reflect your understanding of the material.

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Excerpt From Essay:

It has been stated by Rasinski (1989) that despite the existence of a number of connections among the words and their underlying features, no connection was constant in the period of last three years whereas the sole connection which was constant for one problem was only over the period of two years. Therefore, these connections would not be discussed in this report any more but can be accessed from some other place. The evaluation on the query related to the wording experimentation conducted on the General Social Survey spending objects indicates constant impact of the wording on numerous problems over the period of three years. It has been found through investigation on the kinds of wording that even trivial variations can influence the answers. Conversely, there was no constant pattern exhibited upon the analysis of connections with the individual dissimilarities prevailing in the respondents.

Article 3: What is known about the Effectiveness of Police Practices?

As illustrated by Telep (2011), researches have focused mainly on possibly the most significant queries present in their analysis. Investigation has been carried out on the kind of policies considered useful and the manner in which such strategies are executed. Numerous fruitful plans and the policies are illustrated which demonstrate robust facts regarding the usefulness of dealing with issues like criminality and anarchy. It has been found that literature available for investigation indicates that previously the emphasis was given to queries such as whether the plan works or not. However, several attempts have been made to provide appropriate details about the manner in which these various strategies should be executed in reality by the police organizations. For instance, monitoring the hot spots is useful for decreasing the degree of criminality and chaos; however it is imperative for the police organizations to be aware of their responsibilities of the officers in order to deal with the criminal hot spots. Due to this they will deliberate upon what works in reality along with the ways of implementation to be adopted by the

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Title: LITERATURE REVIEW SYNTHESIS assignment 1 Prepare assignment APA guidelines 2 Get Literature Synthesis Matrix SOURCE 1 SOURCE 2 SOURCE 3 COMPARE and CONTRAST SOURCES STATISTICS and DIFFERENCES APA REFERENCE PURPOSE and SIGNIFICANCE theme RESEARCH QUESTION's DESIGN and POPULATION Study design subjects METODOLOGY Instrumentation procedures Statistical analysis limitations and assumptions RESULTS KEY FINDINGS Hypothesis supported CONCLUSION Are conclusions valid Based data and analysis TOPICS FOR FURTHUR RESEARCH 3 In essay 1 300 words synthesize information presented studies

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Essay Instructions: LITERATURE REVIEW SYNTHESIS assignment

1) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines

2) Get the "Literature Synthesis Matrix," .



SIGNIFICANCE(theme) __________________________________________________________________________


Study design subjects


Instrumentation procedures
Statistical analysis limitations
& assumptions


Hypothesis supported

Are the conclusions valid
Based on the data & analysis



3) In an essay (1,300- words), synthesize the information presented in the three studies.
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-Britton, B.K., Tesser, A,(1991). Effects of time-management practices on college grades. Journal of educational psychology, 83(3), 405-410
- Macn, T.H. (1994). Time management: Test of process model. Journal of applied psychology, 79(3) 381-391
-Spidal Debra time management 17, 15-32

a) The synthesis will contain similarities and differences.

b) Rather than merely presenting a summary of each source, your synthesis will be organized according to each subtopic discussed about the larger topic. For example, one section of a literature review might read: "Researcher A suggests that X is true. Researcher B also argues that X is true, but points out that the effects of X may be different from those suggested by Researcher A." It is clear that subtopic X is the main idea covered in these sentences. Researchers A and B agree that X is true, but they disagree on X's effects. There is both agreement and disagreement, but what links the two arguments is the fact that they both concern X.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Allen, D. (2001). Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity. New York: Viking.

Britton, B.K., Tesser, A. (1991). Effects of time-management practices on college grades. Journal of educational psychology, 83 (3), 405-410.

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Title: Literature Review Salvia officinalis sage History Introduction section paper Evidence base main herb 1 2 additional How standardization identification active constituents herb affected herb

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Essay Instructions: Literature Review about Salvia officinalis (sage)

History of use (as an Introduction section of the paper)
Evidence base for the main use of this herb and 1-2 additional uses
How standardization and/or identification of the active constituents of the herb has affected the use of this herb
Contraindications for using this herb and any other significant safety issues
Include 1-3 photos of the herb with a caption that includes a figure #, copyright information, date, and a description

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


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Kianbakht, S., Abasi, B., Perham, M., & Hashem, D.F. (2011). Antihyperlipidemic effects of Salvia officinalis L. leaf extract in patients with hyperlipidemia: A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial. Phytotherapy Research.

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Watters, L.L. (1901). An Analytical Investigation of Garden Sage (Salvia officinalis, Linne). NY: Columbia University.

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Title: Computer Systems Administrator

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Essay Instructions: Literature review explaining :
when and why this role was created?
who created was it implemented.etc about system administrator.

all the references have to be Professional reference. including links.
Thank you.

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Excerpt From Essay:


Burgess, M. (2004). Principles of network and system administration. Chichester: Wiley.

Retrieved from

Frisch, a.E. (2002). Essential system administration: tools and techniques for Linux and Unix administration. Beijing [u.a.: O'Reilly. Retrieved from

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Adelstein, T., & Lubanovic, B. (2007). Linux system administration. Sebastopol, Calif:

O'Reilly. Retrieved from

jYe2k1p5tIC&printsec=frontcover&dq=Advanced+system+administration&hl=en&sa=X &ei=fpP_UM6EN8HMhAff9YC4DQ&ved=0CD0Q6AEwBA#v=onepage&q=Advanced


Verma, D.C. (2009). Principles of computer systems and network management. Dordrecht: Springer. Retrieved

Whyte, E. (2004, Feb 09). Be a system administrator. New Straits Times. Retrieved from

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