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Title: visions of vitality and morality in three literary genres

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2970 Works Cited: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: write a research paper that examines themes of life and/or death in the three literary genres from this semester: kate chopin's the story of an hour gail godwin's a sorrowful woman and a secret sorrow by karen van der zee in this essay explain how the authors use,literary elements to present the reader with a commentary on the anxieties, reactions, consequences, meanings, and importances of life and death

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Essay Instructions: WORKING THESIS: There are many forms of literature being studied? African American literature has often times ben ignored or selectively visible. Is African American literature influential? Can African American literature be considered important or viable?
*Working outline
*Working bibliography
*An integrated or comparative approach to the topic
*A conscious theoretical approach appropriately applied to the topic
*A combination of primary and secondary resources relevent to the topic
*Incorporation of at least two literary genres
*An appropriate knowledge of the topic presented
*Effective integration of related issues such as social, political, economic, environmental, cultural or historical implications
*In-text citations in MLA format

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Title: Michael Cunningham's Specimen Days

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1541 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: If possible I would prefer Christinepizan to write this paper. If this is not possible, any other writer will be OK.

Directions from class:

The word post modern is hotly debated because many believe we are still in the modern period. However, two aspects of post-modernism are Homage and meta-fiction. Homage is generally used to mean any public show of respect to someone whom one feels indebted. In this sense, a reference within a creative work to someone who greatly influenced the writer would be an homage. It is typically used to denote a reference in a work of art or literature to another, at least
somewhat widely known, work. Meta-fiction is a type of fiction which self consciously addresses the devices of fiction. It is the term given to fictional writing which
self-consciously draws attention to its status as a creative work in order to pose questions about the relationship between fiction and reality.

Write a paper in which you discuss these aspects of post-modernism in relation to Michael Cunningham's Specimen Days.
Paragraph 1 – Discuss post-modernism, homage and metafiction. What 3 contemporary literary genres does Cunningham use? Your thesis should set up discussion of these aspects of post-modernism in each of the three related novellas in Cunningham's collection.

Paragraph 2 – the ghost story
Paragraph 3 – the thriller
Paragraph 4 sci-fi

(Summarize and make a connection for each. Discuss how Cunningham uses Whitman in each section)

Concluding paragraph – Is Whitman relevant now? If so, why? If not, why?


5 pages, typed, double-spaced
Works cited page
3 sources (One of which must be Cunningham's Specimen Days


Possible first paragraph

Two elements of post-modern writing are homage and metafiction (define & discus)...

THesis: Michael Cunningham utilizes homage and metafiction throughtout his work Specimen Days by directly referencing three popular literary genres familiar to the contemporary american reader. They are: the ghost story, the crime novel and the sci fi genre.

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Title: teaching lanuage arts

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Essay Instructions: Page 1: describe how oral communication skill may developed through conversation, storytelling, and oral discussion?
Page 2: explain the importance of auditory discrimination in regards to a child’s education?
Page3: describe the issues related to the assessment of reading?
Page 4: Describe ways for developing students understanding of and appreciation for literary genres?
Page: 5 what is the relationship between spelling and writing?

you must answer the above questions in great details.
Customer is requesting that (craig) completes this order.

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