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Title: Literary Analysis Paper

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Essay Instructions: Literary Analysis Paper?Additional Information
This paper will be a specific analysis of one or more pieces of literature. Focus on an argument with a definite thesis in mind. Use quotations and examples from the literature as support. If outside resources are used, you must submit copies of that research and/or specific web sites. You must include a Works Cited page at the end of the paper and use specific MLA style. Remember that will be used to prevent plagiarism.

Thesis: Focus on a specific thesis, an argument that you can write in one sentence. A thesis is not the same as a moral. You should not try to prove something for all humanity. Just argue a point about one or more selections from our readings. Some sample thesis statements are listed below.
? While both Beowulf and King Arthur are strong heroes, Arthur proves himself to be a better leader.
? Ben Jonson shows much more emotion about the death of his son in ?On My First Son? than he does about his daughter in ?On My First Daughter.?
? Shakespeare uses ?Sonnet 130? not only to praise his love, but also to attack the stereotypes of beauty and sonnets.

Topics: Some possible topics are listed below, but you may develop a topic of your own. Review your notes and responses to look for a possible subject.
? Write about changes in heroes/villains over time.
? Develop an essay about differences in the portrayal of love.
? Show how authors use literature to advance political beliefs.
? Analyze an author?s use of a particular literary device such as symbolism or satire.
? Write about the influence of nature in the writings of one of the Romantic poets.
? Compare and contrast two carpe diem poems.
? Explain how the structure of a poem affects its meaning.
? Compare and contrast the works of two women writers.
? Write about the lessons learned by a character.

Support: You must support the essay with quotes from the literary work. You may also use research to help support your thesis. Use correct MLA form for all quotations. You must include a Works Cited page.

Literature that you may choose from: Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Chaucer, ?The General Prologue?-?The Nun?s Priest?s Tale?-Chaucer, ?The Pardoner?s Tale?, Shakespeare Sonnets 18, 29, 30, 73, 116, 130

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Essay Instructions: literary analysis of the short story "Cora unashamed" by Langston Hughes. the essay must present an argument based on literary terms/definitions. brief summary of the short story. At least two secondary sources(literary criticisms of the short story) in-text citation, and a work cite page.

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Title: Design a very short introduction by john heskett

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Essay Instructions: literary analysis about the book DESIGN a very short introduction chapters 1 to 7 by John Heskett.
- you may take quotes and give the page numbers.

Is it possible for you to write a literary analysis of this book because i wont be able to send the book to you?
If you can the chapters go by like this:
ch1:what is design?
ch2:the historical revolution of design 2
ch3:utility and the significance

--- i am a foreigner and my english level is ESL 3, so please use easy words and easy sentences. Thank you.

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Title: any poem

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Essay Instructions: Literary analysis. Choose a poem. What is your immediate response to this poem? Who is the speaker, the audience? Does it remind you of another work of lit or art? Can you discern patterns, a theme, imagery, symbolism? Does writer make a claim or statement? Do mood or settings come into play? Choose a perspective to write a 2 page essay about this poem. A narrow focus is best. Find 1 source to cite. Be sure to write about the significance of the material,not a summary about the author. ite primary and secondary sources with MLA format.

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