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Title: Literary analyis on The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas By Ursula K Guin 1974

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Essay Instructions: Literary analyis on:
The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas: By Ursula K. Guin, 1974

A analyis apporch on work addressing a specific problem, pattern. Something that is found perplex or confusing or might be reoccurring image, idea, or word.Try to illuminate the story with the choosen problem or pattern. Stick to text as much as possible and avoid reading into something that can't be proven. Around 500 words long.

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Title: Literary Terms Booklet

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Essay Instructions: Literary Terms Booklet -
You are a publisher of children't educational literature who wants to create a book of literary terms that will be informative as well as entertaining. Design a book that contains at least 32 literary terms, two on each page (split the page in half-either by folding or drawing a lilne. Include the definition, an example that illustrates the term, and a brief explanation of how the example exemplifies the term. You should include examples for works of literature.

Literary terms
1. theme 2. Metaphor 3. internal conflict 4. dialect 4 Alliteration 5. imagery 6. drama 7. autobiography 8. nonfiction 9. fiction 10. climax 11. biography 12. protagonist 13. antagonist 14. simile 15. tragedy 16. comedy 17. short story 18 allusion 19. repetition 20 blank verse 21. irony 22. diary 23 mood 24 tone 25. plot 26. flashback 27 secondary characters 28 epic 29 dramatic irony 30 characterization 31. lyric poetry 32. foreshadowing.

Basically just follow the directions but you don't have to draw pictures and you can accomplish this in three full pages. Thank you.

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Title: Literary Analysis James Joyce Eveline

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Essay Instructions: Literary Analysis James Joyce "Eveline"
This paper will be an exploration of some specific element or feature of the fiction we have read so far. You will need to employ your critical reading skills to locate an aspect of the text that you can write about.
Questions for brainstorming:
- How does the story reveal character?
- The narrative voice: why is this particular point of view used? What information does it reveal/conceal? What effect does it create on the reader?
- What are some possible symbolic readings of the elements in the story?
- Where there times when your readerly expectations are undermined?
- Instances of apparent contradiction.
- Anything at all initially strange, confusing, or revealing.
Your job in this paper is to, in a sense, solve the text. (Of course, it can never be solved, but you will find truth in the attempt to solve it). Once you have located a theme, contradiction, or connection within the reading, you must then develop a thesis that poses a theory for understanding or explaining that aspect. This is a persuasive paper: your thesis should be a potentially debatable argument, rather than fact or summary. The most important function of the thesis is to provide cohesiveness to your paper. The rest of your paper will be a coherent argument, complete with evidence and appropriate text citations to support your thesis.
+ You need to give your reader enough relevant information so that someone who hasn’t read the text can understand your argument, but the paper needs to be more than just a plot summary.
+ Evaluations such as like/dislike, right/wrong or should/shouldn’ t are not appropriate for this paper.
Most importantly, try to come up with a really great idea, one that is particularly interesting to you, that you actually want to consider, and that will make your reader see the text in a new and exciting way.

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Title: Literary Analysis of Purple Hibiscus byChimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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Essay Instructions: Literary Analysis of Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Attachments include a paper I had written on the novel which may be beneficial to you.
I wrote this original paper, so it is ok to use this paper and expand on it.
Also attached is the assignment instructions.

**Please email me if attachments do not come thru!!!

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