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Title: literacy program review

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Essay Instructions: . Literacy Program Review
Write a program review, approximately 8-10 pages in length that explores
(but not limited to) the following:
? The background/demographics of the school or other work environment
? The existing reading/literacy programs
? The general philosophies of the teachers, administrators, and parents
? The challenges and assets of the setting
? Curriculum guides and technical materials in use at the location
? Recommendations for the future (an action plan, including professional development opportunities and possible revisions of materials in use)

I will send a school improvement plan and an example of a literacy program review.
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Title: LIT5203 Module 2 Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Literacy Research Summary. 1000 word essay. Use PDF file that is uploaded for directions. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS IN PDF. i will upload previous weeks assignment as a guide because you will need that to go off of.
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Title: literacy coaching model

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Essay Instructions: Select a colleague with whom you can collaborate in your role as a literacy coach.
2) Use the cycle of the literacy coaching model to coach the colleague in one area that will be identified together. This will be a particular literacy goal that is set collaboratively. Include a preconference, an instructional event, and a post conference. Provide a way to collect student data in order to analyze the effectiveness of the goal.
3) Write an essay (1,250-1,500 words) that describes this process and your reflections of the results. Include an introduction, a description and reflection of the process, and a conclusion.

I teach 2nd grade at an inner city school that only goes up to 6th grade. All of the students are African American. It is a Title 1 school and all students receive free breakfast and lunch.

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Title: early literacy assessment

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Essay Instructions: you must select 6 articles on early literacy assessement and analysis and compare each piece to find trends, commonalities or contradictions and present those in a written meta -analysis report. The articles used must from the 2003 and up.
Do not use these two articles: Lonigan, C., Shanahan, T. (2010). Developing Early Literacy Skills. Educational Researcher. 39 (4): 340-6.

Snow, C., et al. (1995). Oral Language and Early Literacy Skills in Kindergarten and
First-Grade Children. Journal of Research in Childhood Education. 10 (1): 37-48.

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