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Title: Euthanasia mercy killing

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Essay Instructions: Research paper outline

A.Story- Nowadays, euthanasia has been one of the controversial and emotional issues in the medical field because of arguments for and against. It is the practice of ending a life in order to escape patients from incurable diseases and intolerable suffering. The lives of many patients have saved with the last discoveries in medical treatment care; however, there are still unable to cure all illnesses.
B.Thesis- some might say that it should be illegalized as far as the life is valuable is concerned; however, it had better legalize when it comes to releasing extremely severe pains.

2.What is euthanasia?
a.“good death”- physically and mentally escape from intolerable suffering
b.“bad death”- on purpose killing
c.Includes different meanings- as far as the moral, ethical, and religious terms are concerned.
3.Types of euthanasia
a.Passive- accelerates death by removing life support and stopping medical care
b.Active- causes death directly by injecting something such as sleeping-pills
c.Voluntary- patient wants to be killed
d.Involuntary- patient to be killed without awareness and approval
e.Assisted suicide- could be stimulated to patients in order to kill by themselves
4.What are the pros and cons?
a.Pros- provide to relieve extreme suffering
Allow patients to have a choice and avoid pain
Could help other patients with medical funds
Could reduce family’s pain mentally and physically
To breathe without doing anything is meaningfulness
Quality is more important than length of life
Help to other patients by dominating internal organs
b.Cons- there is a miracle to recover
Could decrease human life
Could be out of joint moral and ethical terms
Possibility to abuse imprudently
Difficulty distinguish between euthanasia and murder
Not justified by any means
Make people confusedly as far as the suicide is concerned.
It is hard to say that euthanasia should be legalized or illegalized because there are many different opinions for that. In addition, it has been controversial and complex issue based on human life over the centuries. Some might say that it should be illegalized; however, I think that it should be legalize because it has many advantages as I mentioned above.

*comment- please complete research paper based on my outline but if something is needed such as example and data, please add on it. And I do not care that conclusion is going to be changed. In addition, I need exact references because it is research paper. Finally, when you write essay, please be careful because I am not a native speaker. Please consider above information.

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Title: Legal Aspects of Health Care

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2158 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Your answer to each essay question should be complete and between 200 and 300 words.

1.Describe how the issues that Florence Nightingale encountered in the 1800s were a major source and/or vehicle for the spread of infection and how her contributions continue to be important today.

2.Describe the duties and responsibilities of the Department of Health and Human Services.

3.Explain why physicians have been so reluctant to remove a patient's life support systems.

4.Many patients are reluctant to complain about their health care. Recommend means to alleviate this issue. Support your rationale.

5.Employment handbooks have become the basis for many recent lawsuits based on the premise of implied contracts. Take a position either in favor of or against the use of employment handbooks. Recommend alternative solutions to your course of action.

6.Many health insurance plans now restrict coverage for pre-existing conditions. Examine the issues surrounding this lack of coverage and recommend an alternative solution.

7.Compare and contrast the two legal concepts of a burden of proof and the preponderance of the credible evidence. Should the same level of proof be used in all cases?

8.Compare and contrast the differences between nominal, compensatory, hedonic, in punitive damages.

9.Explain the concept of a respondent superior. In today's society, is it just to hold an organizational liable for the negligent acts of its employees, even though there was no wrongful conduct on the part of the organization?

10.A nurse is responsible for making an inquiry if there is uncertainty about the accuracy of a physician's medication order in a patient's record. Explain the process a nurse should use to evaluate whether or not to make an inquiry into the accuracy of the physician's medication order.

11.The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) forbids Medicare-participating hospitals from dumping patients out of emergency departments. If hospitals are required to treat any and all patients at the emergency room, why is this law necessary?

12.Explain how a sexual impropriety committed by healthcare practitioner should be handled. Should the impropriety be handled solely in the institution, rather than the courts? Explain your rationale.

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Title: Bioethics

Total Pages: 1 Words: 435 References: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: 1. Select the most important value (just one value from the six basic ethical values - autonomy, veracity, beneficence, nonmaleficence, confidentiality, and justice) in the case of life support for brain dead patients. Why did you select this value? Your conclusion regarding this case was that life support should be removed.

2. Explain why values (autonomy, veracity, beneficence, nonmaleficence, confidentiality, and justice) drive bioethics case resolutions (case in question-> values->? principles-> bioethics models-> case resolution).

3. After reading your professional association’s ethics declaration (American Nurses Association - what aspects of the declaration are you must in favor of (3 things) and what parts are you less in favor of (3 things) and why? How would you live up to this statement?

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Title: CPR Instruction Self Evaluation

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Essay Instructions: This is a Teaching Project Self-Evaluation in reference to Order ID: 55001.

APA format and needs to be 1,400-1,750 words.

1) Brief description of the population aggregate.
2) How the learning needs were determined.
3) Description of the accuracy of the learner and environ-
mental variables (How did these variables affect the
4) Description of the teaching/learning hteories and
principles utilized in the presentation.
5) Evaluation of the student's assessment, development, and
implementation of the process used to complete the
6) Description of the advantages and limitations of the
projects content, audiovisual materials, and evaluation
7) Inclusion of the results of the evaluation tools and an
interpreatation of the results.
8) Evaluation of yourself, the process, and the product.
9) Identification of the strengths of the presentation and
the presenter.
10) Identification of any revision you would make if you
were to repeat this presentation.
11) Briefly summarize your personal learning from this

Reference #1: Young to Middle-Aged Adults at Bible Baptist Church in Chickasah, OK; those of whom took the course ranged in age from 19-40 years old and were both male and female; class completed on Sunday, October 9, 2005 at Bible Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.
#2: Determined the needs of this group by interviewing several people within the target group, and were first time parents.
#3: The target group were nearly all Caucasian from lower-middle class or middle class background; the majority of which graduated from high school and many have attended at least some college; all spoke English as as their birth language. The environment was adequately spaced and well ventilated.
#4: I used both the Red Cross dummies and the American Heart Association materials, marker boards, printed instructions and illustrations to be posted on in their homes, such as on kitchen refrigerator.
#5: The target group voiced undertanding of information presented and completed returned demonstration of CPR on the dummies provided; learned when to active 911; also learned to be more aware of their surroundings and correct potential hazards to infants and young children.
#6: The main advantage that I taught the target group was the highest level of prevention-the support of life until medical help can arrive.
#7: The results of evaluation tools and interpretation of results were exceedingly high.
#8: I prepared very well for the CPR class; did researching of material from internet and received information from my hospital education director and borrowed CPR dummies; information was arranged at a four grade level for easier understanding of material; Registered Nurse, CPR Basic Life Support (BLS)Instructor, Acute Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certified.
#9: The strengths identified in the presentation were from my experience of being a mother of two children and the hazardous environment I now realize was potential harmful; the knowledge/mastery of the importancy of information and skills taught; I used knowledge from past/present personel and professional experiences; also used humor for a more relaxing environment.
#10: The only revision I would make is the day class was held, instead of being a Sunday afternoon--I would schedule on a Saturday afternoon because the class would not have to rushed to in order to be in church services by 6:00pm Sunday evening.
#11) I learned that I enjoyed teaching to the targeted age group and keeps me up-to-date on the CPR information; self-gratification knowing that a helped save a life at some point in time.

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