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Title: World Views in Life of Pi and The Universe Next Door

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Essay Instructions: Hey! I am in a Freshmen Seminar class at Belmont University and this is the statement of the goal of this class as quoted from our syllabus:

The primary goal of this First Year Seminar section is to increase your recognition, appreciation, and use of multiple ways of knowing. In order to do this, we will focus on various ways of understanding the world, called ?worldviews,? which are overall perspectives through which a person or a community interprets the world. We will explore several particular worldviews, looking at 'how we know' in each one. Students will have the opportunity to develop, define, and defend their own worldviews. We will also address the questions ?what difference does my worldview make??

The actual assignment I was asked to complete is a 3-page paper primarily focusing ont he book Life of Pi, but also covering Chapters 1,2, and 7 of The Universe Next Door. THis is taken from the syllabus:

Life of Pi Essay

Using Life of Pi and The Universe Next Door, write an essay in which you explain which worldviews are presented in Life of Pi.

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Works Cited

Martel, Yann. The Life of Pi. New York: Harvest Books, 2003.

Sire, James. The Universe Next Door. New York: Intervarsity Press, 1997.

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