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Title: ONLY Freelancewriter Hello I preparing CALTECH essay Please list books authors meaningful For book include a sentence explaining influence Please note response limited math science school assigned texts The essay limited 500 characters WITH SPACES 1 Lost illusions Honore de Balzac It a adventures teaching world works giving countless life lessons

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Essay Instructions: ONLY Freelancewriter


I am preparing the following CALTECH essay: "Please list three books, along with their authors, that have been particularly meaningful to you. For each book, please include a sentence explaining their influence upon you. Please note that your response is not limited to math, science or school-assigned texts"
The essay must be limited to 500 characters (WITH SPACES)

1) "Lost illusions" by Honore de Balzac: It is a novel of adventures, teaching how our world works, and giving countless life lessons. Despite describing a world two centuries old, we notice similarities in the feelings and the desires, and the power of the media. This book is meaningful to me because of my identification with Lucien Chardon, a poet full of ambitions, fighting to succeed, suffering humiliations and looking for revenge, understanding that money is the key for power, and looking for the quickest ways of getting money; loses all of it, aiming too high et not knowing when to stop
2) The Red and the Black by Stendhal: It is a novel of energy, of a young, passionate man, demanding and poor in the society of the Bourbon Restoration. This book touched me, once again because of my identification with Julien Sorel, representative of the talent of the career, part of the low social class trying to conquer the world.
3) Crime and Punishement by Fyodor Dostoyevsky: This book influenced me through the protagonist, Raskolinkov.

I want this essay to be grammatically complex as well.

Thank you

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Title: Reflection

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Essay Instructions: To whom this may concern,

This essay is all about VIVID detail. Listed below is an elaborate explanation I typed word for word from 3 pages in my text book highlighting how to construct a reflection. I would like you to write a topic of the paper to anything you can relate to easily and vividly.
The essay should be 4 pages and have an academic level of a college senior.

THIS ASSIGNMENT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT; so please take your time and don't rush.

Below discussed the "components", "key parts", and "how to write it".


---------------COMPONENTS OF REFLECTIONS-------------------
1) Find a relative topic

2) Consider your readers
+ How interesting will this topic be to your readers? Will they want to share in your experience?
3) Identify a purpose
+ A clear purpose makes the reflection coherent. Your purpose is not to teach a lesson about life but rather to convey the significance of the experience-why it is important or memorable and why it is worth writing and reading about
4) Provide concrete details
+ Concrete details stimulate readers' imagination and make your reflection come alive. Use factual details such as dates to provide background information. Augment visual details with your other senses: smells, sounds, tastes, and feelings.
+ Use dialog when possible
5) Think about your organization
+ Telling what happened in chronological order is the simplest organization for writers to use, but it is not the only one possible. Conceptual order explores different points and links them together.
For example, you might reflect on a photograph, examining details one by one and discussing how they related to your family's past.
6) Start fast
+ The beginning MUST show the writer's involvement and gain the reader's interest
7) Finish strong
+ Effective conclusions invite readers to reflect further. Ending with a question or an issue to think about is usually better than trying to sum up with a moral lesson.

--------------------KEYS TO REFLECTIONS--------------------
1) Tell a good story
+Readers have to be interested in your story to understand the significance. Often reflections gain and keep readers' interest by presenting a conflict or a difficult decision that must be resolved.
2) Let the details convey the significance
+Select details carefully to communicate meaning. Identify people by more than how they look. Think about MANNERISMS, GESTURES, AND HABITS to suggest their character.
3) Be honest
+ Telling the truth about your thoughts ad actions can build a strong rapport with your audience, but beware of becoming sentimental. Too much emotion may turn readers off.
4) Focus on the little things in life
+ A reflection need not reveal earth shattering secrets or teach crucial life lessons. It may be as simple as describing something that makes you happy. Remember that small moments of significance can be just as rewarding for readers as great events.
5) For a reflection on an image or object, let the reflection grow out of the details
+Your close reading of details and your explanation of the significance of the experience is crucial.

-------------------HOW TO WRITE A REFLECTION----------------
+ Analyze the assignment
+ Explore possible topics
+ Remember places and objects
+ Consider the significance
+ What do reader's likely know about the topic?
+ How can you engage readers?
+ What will they gain reading your reflection?

+ Generate details
+ Make people come alive
+ Think about your context
+ Relate your experience to the experiences of others

+ Select vivid details and dialog
+ Decide on an organization
+ Craft a strong beginning
+ Conclude by inviting further reflection
+ Consider your voice and tone
+ Choose a title that will interest readers

+ Check that your paper fulfills assignment
+ Make sure that the subject is focused
+ Add details, description, or dialog
+ Make sure your voice and tone engage readers
+ Examine your organization and think of possible better ways to organize
+ Proofread

-----------------------WRITING IT!-------------------------

1)Select vivid details and dialog
+Don't rely solely on visual memory. Include SOUNDS, SMELLS, TASTES, and tactile feelings.
+Describe people's mannerisms, gestures, and voices.
+Use dialog to reveal character.

2)Decide on an organization
+Use chronological order to help readers re-live events with you.
+Use conceptual order to show connections and links between ideas.

3) Craft a strong beginning
+Start with an incident or a place that is the focus

4) Conclude by inviting further reflection
+Have you discovered anything new in the process of writing the reflection to share in your conclusion?
+A conclusion can sometimes change the entire tone of a reflection
Do you want to surprise your readers?
+Above all, your conclusion should help readers make sense of your reflection.

5)Consider your voice and tone
+Who are you writing for? How do you want your audience to feel upon reading your reflection?
+How interested will your readers be in your reflection? Can you add details or something else to draw them in?

6) Choose a title that will interest readers in your essay
+ Your title should suggest the direction or the significance or your reflection.

Thank you for your time and effort,

An appreciated student,

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Title: Conflict between Parents and Children

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Essay Instructions: With the theme being conflict between parents and children, develop a thesis statement based on the novel "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" by Mark Haddon and the short story "Two Kinds" by Amy Tan.

What insight is there about the life of Christopher Boone and Jing-Mei when meeting the challenges they face with their parents? PLEASE: NO "shoulds", life lessons, or morals!

Prove your thesis by comparing and contrasting the two characters.
Use quotations to support your ideas. DO NOT summarize the plot.
Use the stories for evidence to support your thesis.

Make sure there is a topic sentence for each paragraph with all the following sentences relating directing to that topic.
Present ideas logically with clear transitions from one idea to the next..
Support ideas with quotations from the stories with correct citations.
The conclusion must summarize the paper's central idea.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited

Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. National Geographic Books. 2007.

Tan, Amy. "Two Kinds." WikiClassrooms. 2013. Web.

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Title: a concept paper

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Essay Instructions: Please writer C.R. help to complete, Thanks in advance!

a "concept" paper about communication and systems
practice, exploring in depth one concept that you feel
is particularly important for you, in your own systems
practice. This can be a concept involving systemic
understanding of a social system.

The "concept" should be from either one of the
following book:

Capra, Fritjof The Web of Life

Bateson, Gregory, Mary Catherine Bateson. Steps to an
Ecology of Mind

Keeney, Bradford P. The Aesthetics of change.

Briggs, John and Peat, F. David. Seven Life Lessons of
Chaos: Spiritual wisdom from the science of change.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


Bateson, G. (1972). Steps to an ecology of mind. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Littlejohn, S. (1999). Theories of human communication. CA: Wadsworth Publishing Co.

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