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Title: Liberal Arts and Business How Liberal Arts Relates to Business

Total Pages: 16 Words: 5512 References: 16 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This literature review needs to be a comprehensive Thematic Review of scholarly literature related to "Liberal Arts and Business and How Liberal Arts Relates to Business".

This literature review must not be a series of quotations and cannot consist of more than 15% direct quotations.

Do not directly quote more than 120 words from any one source.
Do not use the same source more than a total of 3 times within the whole document for quoting or paraphrasing.
Quotes must contain the section (if provided) and paragraph or page numbers of the quote and this information must be placed in the reference

When paraphrasing, please give the author's name, date, title of the source, the scholarly journal where it came from, and the exact website address or book.

Sources can only be scholarly sources and cannot include Wikipedia etc. It has to be a scholarly source.

A total of 16 full pages with 16 references that will need to be cited within this review as well as a reference page that includes all the references in APA format.

Again, this paper along with all references and citations must be in APA formatting.

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Title: Structuring Your Message

Total Pages: 5 Words: 2268 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Part1/Deliverable Length:2 pages

Write an outline for a presentation on the benefits of distance learning from a student's perspective. The audience will be students and teachers with very little computer experience and may be somewhat fearful of the idea. Make sure to tailor the presentation outline with this audience in mind.

This outline should be up to one and half pages long. You can use a traditional outline (Roman Numerals, followed by alphabetical letters and then regular numbers or bullets). Remember this is an outline and should not include sentences or essays. At the end of the outline include 2-3 paragraphs which detail the rationale for the structure of your outline.

Research the Internet to find information to help you support your argument. Be sure to document your sources with parenthetical citations, and credit your sources in an APA format bibliography.

Part2/Deliverable Length:3 pages

write a presentation to give to a board of a small university with the goal of convincing them to put their Liberal Arts Program into a distance learning format. You want to show them that the profits will grow as more and more students ease into the new format. You also want to show that potential student enrollments will far outweigh the fears of damaging the traditional Liberal Arts Program.

Part a:

Use the internet to research the benefits of offering a traditional Liberal Arts Program in a distance learning format. In addition, use online research tools to gain the information and statistics on the advantages and increasing prevalence of distance education to back up your argument.
Based on the information gathered prepare a bullet list of sources to support tour arguement

Part b:

When should you use humor in a presentation? When should you not? Can you think of an example when a presenter used humor in a presentation and it was considered inappropriate? What other factors, such as humor, must be considered when delivering a presentation?

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Title: Starting a Fashion Business is Challenging

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1275 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: please edit my first draft

JULIA FOX- Narrative Essay

Everything started a long time ago, right when I was born in Italy. Years later, my life took a different turn when I moved to the United States to live with my father when I was around the age of six years old. Over the years, I have made many trips to Italy to visit my mother, brother and the rest of my family. Most do not know it, but I do speak and read in Italian fluently because of mother constantly speaking to me in the language and by the way, she never spoke to me in English. Then I also made the bold decision to move back to Italy and finish up two years of High School there. My goal is to eventually request credits because of my extensive background in Italian.
As a small child I always had this passion for fashion. As I grew, this love for style got even stronger so I decided to makes something out of it. Well, that day happened in January 2013, when I created my own fashion line called Franziska Fox. However, I could not pull it off alone so I brought my childhood best friend in with me. Together we were able to become successful with my dream. My business is predominantly a knit wear brand at a contemporary price point, even though we do produce some leather and fur pieces. However, even though I am pursuing a passion of mine, it has not been easy. It has been a journey and plenty up and down times throughout this voyage.
Nevertheless, I must say that it has been very exciting at the same time. One of those exciting reasons were that we had the opportunity to see the world. When I say the world that is travelling to eastern nations such as Vietnam where we got the change to explore other workshops and factories. One of my favorite places was Hong Kong and it was here that I learned a lot about the business. I was able to take so much home after learning about how they make their fabrics and how they run the knit factories. One of the most interesting things that I found out was that they have the best knitwear machines. While we were there, my best friend and I visited Bali for skins such as python which we loved to just sit there and feel its amazing texture. Our business has been a little bit of a success because it permitted us to see the world. However, the most fascinating things about our fashion journey was being able to people. Some of this amazing people that we were allowed the honors were people such as Iggy Azealea, Lindsay Lohan, and Heidi Klum.
Even though I did not have much experience in business management, I had to start from the bottom and taught myself everything. In other words, I had to learn that you must walk before you crawl. However, it was all worth it now because I can safely say we have everything under control. It has by far not been an easy journey. I have to admit there were times when I thought about just throwing in the towel and pursuing other options. There were a lot of mistakes made at the start but the greatest thing about all of that was that we learned from every one of them. One thing that I did learn from it was that failure is written in pencil which means that it can be erased. My goal ever since then was to make sure that I would go after my goals and make sure that I would not let anything get in the way from me getting to them.
I would like to request credits for my extensive background in business administration. Even though I am so busy with work and even making time for my personal life at times can be challenging, I still find time to go to school. I think having an education under your belt is priceless. My dad always told me "everything at one point can be taken from you, but what you have inside your head- that is yours forever". I always think about this because it is so true, it is important to know a skill and it is important to have the credentials to prove it. I graduated from an alternative high school called City AS School which catered to kids who basically didn't like school. So what they do is they set up internships all over the city and you can collect credits that way. I enjoyed this a lot because I wasn't constantly bored or feeling like I was wasting my time.
With that said, my interest in requesting credits in Business dates back to my early years, visiting other people fashion shops while in Italy visiting my father. This gave me first-hand experience of commercial life, where I often was able to engage with various aspects of the business. I love finding out how numerous aspects of businesses bond together in an organization and how fashion is used all over the world. Through my journey, I understand that in order for success in business I believe you need to have more than just the academic accepting. But then again creativity, hard work, motivation, excellent social skills and even carefully managed risks are necessary. These qualities make me excited to learn more and reinforce my longing to be skillfully involved in a business career.
Looking back, I remember the time, after graduating from high school when I took a year off to travel the world, unexpectedly. It started with a trip to Paris, from there I decided to go to Italy to visit my family along with my friend. From there we went to the south of Italy, Naples, and since we were so close to morocco we decided to stop there as well. Since we were already in Africa, we decided to take a trip to Cape Town, South Africa to visit a friend and then from there we went on to Lebanon. We counted that we had been on 24 air planes. During this time, I really felt refreshed and that I was ready to take on anything. Travelling the world like this really opened my eyes to a lot of different cultures and to be honest, gave me a new perspective on life. I would not take back the experience for all of the money in the world.
When I came back to the states I enrolled in a community college because I figured it would be more financially effective for me. I really enjoyed and actually found the work challenging at times. I decided to go to the New School because most of my friends went there and enjoyed it so much because there was a lot to do. It has so much to offer in terms of flexibility and has an amazing selection of classes. I have a very full schedule and unfortunately school cannot always come first. My advisor was able to help me come up with classes that cater to my creativity which are also therapeutic, which I need because I am stressed out 24/7. Currently, I am majoring in Liberal Arts since I am not quite sure what I want to major in. At times, I think that I am interested in becoming a psychiatrist even though it would take another ten years of schooling. What?s more, the cello enabled me to overcome my fear of public performance. As a result, myprevious fashion ability as well as the business expertise my self-confidence is greatly being improved. I can?t think of a more valuable aspect of personal development that helped my whole college experience.
At this point I am actually excited about making some drastic changes in my career. I likewise learned the value of seeking out new challenges. I think that becoming a psychiatrist would be great because it is going into an entire new direction. For one I really do believe that there is a lot of work to be done make access better by means of a quality mental healthcare, and at this point in my life, I really think that I would be extremely motivated to contribute my energy and expertise in the direction of this type of career. I believed the fact that I do like to help people would be beneficial in this area.
In the end, so often we discover that failure is a better teacher than achievement! This was certainly true for me. Being in the Liberal Arts at this moment is sort of the next big challenge in my life. Even though I don?t know exactly where everything is going to actually lead me, I am confident that the lessons learned from the Liberal Arts at the moment have both shaped and arranged for success of the next direction of my life. As I try and glance into my future a little, I not only intend to help those that are considered to be underserved through my new career pursuit.

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Title: school to work programs initiatives

Total Pages: 3 Words: 921 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I would like this PERSUASIVE ESSAY (arguing AGAINST school to work programs)to include some background information about what the school to work program is and current estimates of how pervasive these programs are (especially in the United States). Also, please include why schools are moving toward this initiative and, obviously, how students are missing out on a liberal arts education when schools promote "trade educations." Please, please utilize all four pages requested. Thank you so much!

Excerpt From Essay:

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