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Title: Primary Sources

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Essay Instructions: Lesson Plan using Primary Resources.
Activities might include:
Use primary sources to create a display about a particular place. Then justify inclusion of these partricular resources.
Read or listen to a primary source document like a historic speech and then write your response to it.
Presentation may include locating information; analyzing information; content of presentation.
Criteria to use in the rubric for Primary Sources lesson plan may include following:
Locate information
Analyze information
Different writing criteria

Locating information
Analyzing information
Content of presentation
Criteria for presentation itself

Locating information
Analyzing information
Justification for inclusion
and must meet MT Information Literacy OPI standards:

How I started this lesson was using the book called "Buried Alive". Kids seem to really get into this book and it's a good way to kick off checking out primary sources and what to look for as reliable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Title: Lesson Plan

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Essay Instructions: LESSON PLAN

Write a lesson plan for the elementary school level, including specific components for a gifted student that demonstrates how to use assistive technology. Incorporate at least one low-tech and one high-tech assistive technology device that would be appropriate for the lesson plan.

The lesson should include the following:
1. Lesson title
2. Concept/topic
3. Lesson goals/objectives
4. Standards, including CCSS and any Arizona State content standards
5. Required materials
6. Introduction/anticipatory set
7. Step-by-step procedures
8. Technology integration
9. Accommodations and modifications
10. Assessment
11. Adaptations and extensions

At least four references must be included.

Write a 250-500-word justification for the gifted-student component you chose.

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Title: wk 5 dis 2

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Essay Instructions: Lesson Plan Change-Up

Using an existing lesson plan from the Discovery Education Lesson Plan Library (http://www.discoveryeducation.com/teachers/free-lesson-plans/), choose one lesson plan (for elementary school) based on your area of expertise and interest. Analyze any differentiated components of the lesson that are already integrated into some aspect of the lesson. Then suggest several strategies in each area (content, process, product) that could enhance your chosen lesson plan. Post the link to the lesson plan you used for this discussion so others can view it and make their own suggestion in response.

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Title: Lesson Plan Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Lesson Plan Analysis


Provide a brief overview of the lesson, why you chose it, your qualifications for teaching this course, or the anticipated need for a course in this area. Keep in mind that you are designing this course for adult learners.

Theoretical Underpinnings of Your Teaching Philosophy

What is your teaching philosophy, and how does the scholarly literature inform your decisions as a teacher? Are you a constructivist, behaviorist, a little of each, or something entirely different? What are the strengths of your philosophy? What are the weaknesses? What will you do to continually revise and update your philosophy? What will inform those revisions? How do you want your philosophy to interact with your practice?

Audience Analysis and Considerations

For the two-unit lesson you developed, who is your audience? What do you know about their learning styles? How would you determine their learning styles? And how are your decisions as a teacher influenced by this analysis?

Learning Objectives Analysis

What are the learning objectives for your lessons? How did you determine those objectives? (for instance, did you draw on industry standards, personal experience, etcetera). How do you know they are appropriate?

Required and Supplemental Resources

List the resources you will need to teach your course (including any learning technologies). Also list resources needed by your learners to successfully complete the learning activities in your lesson (texts, articles, software, tutorials, vLabs, videos, etcetera). Provide a brief synopsis of each resource you are requiring along with an explanation of why you are requiring it.

Instructional Strategies and Delivery Methods

What strategies and delivery methods did you choose to support learning transfer, and why did you choose those strategies? For example, if you chose to use discussion as a learning activity in your course, what is it about discussion as a learning tool that makes it appropriate for your lesson? If you decided an online simulator is the best way to teach a topic, how did you come to that conclusion? What were your other options, and why did you not choose those options. How does the literature support your choices?

Critical Reflection and Consideration of Alternative Delivery Methods

What is the role of critical reflection in your teaching? Also, what considerations would you need to make in alternative delivery situations? In other words, if your current course is taught in a classroom setting, what would change to deliver it online?


What conclusions can you draw from the experience of completing this project and analysis paper?


Provide a bibliography of all resources cited.

Lesson Plan and Teaching Philosophy is attached.

Please make sure to utilize only scholarly resources. Access to the database is available upon request
There are faxes for this order.

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